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This web site is dedicated to Lincoln books and Lincoln bibliography. I have been a collector of Lincolniana since 1980, and for the past fifteen years have concentrated on books, pamphlets, and broadsides.

Those interested in reading about or collecting books relating to our sixteenth president are faced with a daunting challenge. More has been written about Abraham Lincoln than any other person in American history. In fact, when considering world history, only works about Napoleon, Shakespeare, and Jesus Christ can compare in number with those about Lincoln. Given the abundance of information available, everyone interested in Lincoln must strike a balance between quantity and quality.

It is my intent for this site to fulfill several needs within the Lincoln community. I keep a detailed list of newly published and planned Lincoln books and pamphlets; I maintain bibliographies of Lincolniana published since 1989; I offer an index to the Cumulative Bibliographies as published in Lincoln Lore between 1940 and 1989; and feature articles and illustrations on obscure or curious Lincolniana published in the past.

In addition, I offer critical reviews of newly released Lincoln books and pamphlets, allowing readers to get a sense of a publications contribution to the field before they read or purchase it. In short, I am attempting to offer as much comprehensive data as possible on both current and past Lincoln literature.

The Fine Print

I am not offering for sale any of the books appearing on this site, and have no stake, financial or otherwise,
in the success of any of the books or collectibles featured. I do receive review copies of some of the books,
but gain no monetary benefit from their sale or promotion.

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