Hi. I began drawing and painting in 2004 after moving to Worcester, Massachusetts.  Links below direct you to pages that show some of my work, my husband Robert's photographs, and paintings by some of my friends.
I love doing oil portraits.  The faces of people fascinate me.  The older paintings in this group I started at Princeton Arts Society on Tuesday mornings and finished them up at home from photographs.
At Princeton Art Society, I make a pastel portrait every Tuesday morning.
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My paintings of people and animals often make a social or political comment.
Oil Portraits
Pastel Portrait Sketches
Figurative Paintings
Still Life Paintings
Park People
Asia Folks
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I like showing interactions among people and people going about their daily business. These pictures were inspired by people in New York City's Riverside Park.
These paintings were based on photographs I took while living and traveling in Asia, 1985-1986.
Although the best thing about still life arrangements is that they are still, they present challenges in their own right.
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Recent Paintings
These paintings were done in the last two years.
Illustrations for VARKA: The Story of a Young Boy Coming to America.
A children's book by Sam Lalos.