Pocono 1981

Front row on pace lap - #14 Foyt, #23 McElreath, #2 T.Sneva

Field comes out of turn 3 for the green flag.

Silver Crown cars head toward turn 1 at start.
(Note - crowd was estimated at 25,000 by the Pocono Record, down from 75,000 in 1980.)

#45 - Harry McDonald - Armstrong Mould Lola - 5th place finisher
#54 - Smokey Snellbaker - Silver Crown car
(Note: same SC car--apparently Duke Cook--is still in pits since pace lap.)

From Pocono Record, #14 Foyt chases #2 T.Sneva

#56 - Tom Bigelow - Genesee Beer Wagon Penske PC-7 (or is it a PC-6?) - 3rd place finisher

#49 - Chip Mead (Eagle) chasing #66 - Roger Rager (Wildcat)

From Pocono Record - Smokey Snellbaker and Jack Hewitt chase Vern Schuppan's McLaren.

Foyt follows pace car into pits as race is red-flagged due to rain.

From Pocono Record - article is titled "Alderson paces dirt car drivers"