Dorje Reiki
by Lawton R. Smith RM DRM
     A Brief Description Of Dorje Reiki

Dorje Reiki is my own creation of a energywork style that combines the best features of various types of Reiki. It is a full hands-on modality in which certain elements of Usui Reiki, Prema Reiki, Vajra Reiki and gTummo Vajra are mixed. There is great influence from Vajrayana Tantric meditation practices, generic shamanism, Taoist and Tibetan "energy massage." It is both a method of great relaxation and also a method of spiritual growth. A typical session will take 2 hours. For details, please return to the previous page. This has been primarily an exercise for me to synthesize what I know about bodywork and energywork. I will not teach it to anyone except to my prior RM students by my invitation if, after careful discussion, the student/RM is prepared for the work.