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This site, Lawton's Domain, is a personal, non-commercial site for our entertainment and assistance. It is set up to provide links and information to help my family, friends, clients, and students, both local and world-wide. Please feel free to use it if you find it helpful.

I have also tried to share some of my philosophy about my work and ideas about life in general, both through my own writings and also through the thoughts of others. In addition, I have provided information about various topics which my friends, and students have requested, or shown interest in. This information may change or be updated as needed.

This site is constantly under construction, by design! It was originally something that I created in a very basic and limited way; it was completely redesigned and updated in the year 2000 by my daughter, Lisa. I intend to add or modify various features as I find the need. I sometimes use this site as an example of website/page construction for my students. I have tried to make the pages quick to load, with a minimum of graphics. I presume that you are as tired as I am of pages which seem to take 5 minutes to load. I have also decided not to use frames, JavaScript, or Java, in general, in order to make these pages accessible to both older and newer browsers. I will be changing the design of the main page, from time to time, to facilitate easy access. Any suggestions are certainly welcome.

Please wander through the pages as you wish. This site contains at least 100 pages. Please visit them all. Some graphics are also links - try them!. Please feel free to let me know if there are items which need to be changed, spelling which needs correction, or links which do not work. Also, I am always open to suggestions for additional pages. If you have been given a page to which there are no links, please type the full address [as given to you] into your browser "Open" section. Major updates to the site will be reflected in the Updated On:" line being changed at the bottom of the main page. Announcements of significant changes or additions will also be made on the New on this Site page.

This site was originally created and edited with ScriptWorx.

It was modified with DiDa and Selida.

This site is now edited and maintained with Microsoft FrontPage.

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