Reiki Advice - Nature and Law, with input from Tsy Schupack RM

"Reiki training introduces methods, techniques, and practices of an esoteric form of spiritual healing. These methods, techniques and practices are presented as information and possibilities for your personal exploration."

"Reiki training does not intend to include instruction, nor the skills necessary, for a healing facilitator to work with the general public in any manner. If it is your intent to work with the general public in a role of healing facilitator, it is highly recommended you pursue a course of study to gain the skills and any certification necessary to do so."

"If one wants to do any thing outside the scope of Reiki (which basically comes down to "hands on, Reiki on") with another person, then one requires additional training."


Reiki training which is above the Level I can be used for a healing facilitator with the general public, if such training included the necessary focus on laws, ethics, and practices appropriate to your area. Remember, certification in Reiki does not imply state  or local approval, which, in some areas may require permits and/or licensing.

The use of Reiki is not a medical phenomenon or practice, nor is it a form of massage. Reiki practitioners make no claims for Reiki, other than relaxation and stress reduction. Although some medical centers are including Reiki as part of complementary medical clinics, it is for the medical establishment to determine any medical benefits of Reiki.


Please check the laws and regulations of your town/city, state and country to determine the possibilities for the use of Reiki for your particular situation. These laws vary widely, many times being expressed as prohibitions in laws regarding the practice of medicine or massage. In addition, the practice of Reiki, done correctly, may produce unexpected public reactions, which may lead to changes in laws and regulations. Always use a disclaimer.

Remember, you alone are responsible for the proper legal and ethical use of Reiki.

In large measure, these quotes are by Tsy Schupack RM, or inspired by her.
They are included here with her permission.