Reiki-Induced Altered States of Consciousness

When Reiki is used, both the practitioner and the client gradually enter a slightly altered state of consciousness. This is not mysterious or occult; it is not a problem, or a situation where any external agent is involved. It certainly does not involve any sort of hypnosis. It is simply the result of the flow of Reiki energy which gradually relaxes both the practitioner and recipient, thereby expanding awareness. This alteration of consciousness is a normal capacity of any person when put in the right situation for it to be enhanced. It can be compared to the relaxation and slightly altered state of mind which one feels when fully absorbed in a classical musical concert.

This flow of Reiki energy leads to an altering of what each person can perceive, enhancing the effect of Reiki, as well as enabling the practitioner to be more aware of the client's state of energy and needs for healing. When a practitioner first encounters this, it can be both surprising and reassuring. The client is usually not as aware of the this changing energy situation until after many sessions. Gradually the client becomes aware of this flow and also comes to value it.

A Reiki practitioner discovers this situation first in training and especially during attunement. It is enhanced with each new attunement and subsequent experiences of "clearing" with Reiki students. It is also, in my experience, an increasing phenomenon for the RM during any subsequent attunements which the RM experiences. The Reiki Master knows this effect and counts on it occurring so that the RM can "read" each student and client. The RM can enter this state easily in order to attune a student, or to quickly understand where a client needs healing, even if the client cannot verbalize the need.

In advanced forms of Reiki [and certainly in other energywork], there can be a very enhanced change in awareness. This is especially true in those advanced forms where attention is paid to reflection and meditation by the student of such Reiki. In those forms of Reiki, the personal development of the Reiki student is as important as learning the particular ways to deliver Reiki energy to a client. If you have questions about this state of mind, please feel free to contact me.