The Human Energy Field - The Aura

The human energy field, sometimes known as the aura, is now well documented in both the laboratory and in the traditional literature of many cultures [ 87 known cultures!]. When one strips away any specifically culture-related language, all of these descriptions seem to be referring to the same phenomenon which can be demonstrated in both physical and psychological laboratory experiments. Only the "man in the street", or the person hemmed in by the requirements of various belief systems, or limited exposure to the frontiers of science has any trouble with recognizing the existence of the aura. It is simply the sum of radiated energy from the human body.

The human energy field or aura, is generally described as having multiple layers, usually five, [but sometimes as many as as 7!],which interpenetrate the physical body and extend for some number of inches from the body. It has for many viewers, centers of energy, or chakras. It has been photographed, measured, described by sensitive people, or those who have simply learned how to adapt their vision to see what most of us normally ignore as part of our visual input. It is a bio-electrical plasma which is multi-colored, with various textures, whose changing nature seems closely related to the changing physical and mental processes in all living things.

Many people do perceive the aura, some by sight, some by intuition, some by touch, and still others by dowsing. Often, the person who sees the aura will initially say that there is "a something" which is around a person which is more than nothing, but very subtle. There are exercises which can enable a person without this ability to gradually learn how to see the aura. Certain common lab equipment can detect radiated energy at some distance from a person. Many world-renowned educational institutions conduct work in the field of the paranormal.

The common "layers" of the aura [energy bodies] comprise the physical [our bodies], the etheric [health body], the astral [the emotional body], the mental [thought body]. the causal [the intuitive body], and the spiritual body. They extend from the body as follows: etheric - 4", astral - 4" - 24"", mental - 24" -  36", and causal - 36" - 60". All distances are typical but not exact. The spiritual aura is limitless [shared with the universe]. together they contain the chakras. They form an "input system" for the brain, which amplifies them to a point of usability.

There have been many books written on the subject. I would suggest using a search engine using the word "aura" and "human energy field". Searches using "Kirlian photography", Kilner, Mesmer, "De La Warr", Reich, Bendit, Karagulla, Pierrakos, Rogliang, Motoyama, "A.S.Popow", and "Dr. Valerie Hunt" will find work by various researchers on the human energy field.