Charges for Reiki - Some comments about the general practices:

Many people ask about the cost of Reiki. This varies widely by both area and type of Reiki Master. There is the basic Reiki dictum that there must be a fair exchange of energy which allows Reiki to flow and benefit the client. This energy exchange can take the form of money, or of barter of time, goods, or services. Dr. Usui discovered that those who did not offer or pay for Reiki reverted to prior conditions of life in short order. This belief of Dr. Usui has been discussed and re-examined in our culture. There are widely differing opinions about the truth of this belief in modern culture. Most Reiki Masters charge for their time, not for Reiki energy, which is nobody's possession.

Once examined by the actual time spent in either session or training and attunement, a great number of charges and fees reduce to about $10.00/hour for the Reiki Master or Reiki practitioner, after all costs [Rental of office or temporary space, Reiki-related debt - if any, amortizing of equipment and supplies, printing of manuals and certificates, travel and lodging, telephone, and personal licensing fees, if any] are factored in. In the case of Master Level training, it also represents potential lifelong teaching and practicing support. Some classes are 3 hours long; other provide classes of 8 hours long for Reiki I. Some classes are 10-20 people at a time; other classes are one person at a time. Obviously, the amount of personal support and time to practice new Reiki skills would vary in each case.

Some representative averages as volunteered to me by various Reiki practitioners: These figures come from various parts of the country.

Traditional Usui Reiki Sessions

  • From $40 to $100 for a one hour to one and a half hour session, the higher figure representing spa treatments. The average should be corrected for the particular part of the world where Reiki is used. It seems to be the same as for a basic massage session. {In my area, massage costs $40-$100} [but remember, Reiki is not massage!] Many Reiki Masters also feel an obligation to provide pro bono service for special cases. The charge for "specialty" forms of Reiki [newer, or combined with other energywork/bodywork] may be more per session, both in cost and in the amount of time used for the session.

For Training, Attunement, and Certification in Traditional Usui Reiki:

  • Reiki I - basic Reiki skills - from $75 to $350. The average [please correct for your area] is about $125.
  • Reiki II - advanced Reiki skills - from $125 to $450. The average [please correct for your area] is about $250.
  • Reiki Master - personal mastery and teaching of Reiki - from $200 to $10,000. the average [please correct for your area] is about $500.

As you may have noticed, these are not mathematical averages, but tendencies.

Other levels and traditions of Reiki use similar charging strategies, both for sessions and for training and attunements. There are traditions which do not charge for Reiki sessions or for training/attunement. Some Reiki Masters will attune for a nominal charge or for free, but charge substantially for certification. There are many Reiki Masters who work on a sliding scale, both as to amount and as to rate of payment. In general, urban areas tend to charge more for sessions and training/attunement than rural areas, unless one is talking about a spa in a rural setting. Therefore it may be wise for a student who faces financial issues to consider traveling to a rural area, if the Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master seems appropriate.

It is always a temptation to equate price with quality; if one pays more, then one is getting more or better quality. This is not necessarily true with Reiki sessions or training/attunements. Reiki practitioners deliver the same quality of Reiki regardless of the cost of the session. There are Reiki Masters who provide wonderful instruction and support to their students; there are a few who do not. The cost of the training is not a guarantee for a certain kind of ability, nor is it representative as to the quality and amount of training and support. I am aware of Reiki Masters who charge $10,000 who provide much less caring. support, and training than some Masters who teach for very little, of who even train at no cost. It truly varies Master by Master.

The student is advised to search for the Reiki Master who feels right to them. There is always an appropriate match between student and teacher. Take the time to find that match. It is potentially a life-long relationship. Make sure that you feel that the amount of training, support and long-term involvement matches your expectations for the amount which you feel is an appropriate exchange of energy for the cost of the training and attunement.

Reiki practitioners work with a person directly, in-person. A few practitioners will provide Reiki at distance.

Most Reiki Masters teach and attune Reiki, especially Traditional Usui Reiki, in person. There is usually a delay of 1-3 months between Reiki I and Reiki II, with a year or more before Master. Some Reiki Masters will teach Reiki I and Reiki II in one intense weekend or 2 day sequence. [Prices may be cheaper this way, but the student must consider the best way to learn]. Some Reiki traditions use a single level or a greater number of levels of training and attunement. Certain other Masters will teach and attune at distance. Both the student and the RM have to be convinced that this way will work satisfactorily. The Masters who teach at shorter intervals or levels, or at distance tend to be of Non-Traditional, or newer Reiki traditions.

Most Reiki Masters are so delighted to find a deeply committed student that they will find some way for that student to receive training and attunement.