Reiki  Clearings {personal adjustment to attunements}:

There is much made of "clearings" in the Reiki literature and oral traditions. The word "clearing" in a Reiki context refers to the highly individualized responses, somewhat delayed, to the Reiki attunements. These responses are, in general, quite mild, hardly noticed by some, but fairly powerful in a limited number of cases. Each RM tells his class that there is the possibility of strong clearing responses, but that they are temporary, and, in the vast number of cases, hardly noticed. It is felt that it takes 3 days per chakra to assimilate the attunement. This is why there is reference to a 21 day clearing period before the next attunements can be done [3 days x 7 major chakras]. This 21 day period is one of the consistent features of most Reiki traditions. there are, of course, a number of recent traditions which see the clearings as so mild as to enable a student to proceed through many levels in a day, or in a weekend.

 Clearings of the mild variety take the form of  increased emotional activity, increased awareness of everything around one, and dietary changes [temporary]. Clearings of the strong type involve everything from transitory aches, significant changes in diet, inability to control certain emotions, and the rise of Kundalini , known also as gTumo and Candali. Spontaneous visions may occur, perceptions of being loosely  "in the body" and feelings of detachment from everyday life, coupled with sudden understandings of relatedness of all things. Not every reaction is always present in either the mild or strong varieties of clearing. generally, there may be reactions of both the mild and strong types mixed together.

If a student is feeling this kind of reaction to attunement, the RM will generally tell the student to be in touch with them right away. The suggestion is then to drink plenty of water and to do self-Reiki, as the student has already been taught. Very rarely, the student will feel the need to have a Reiki session at that time from the teaching RM. My own counsel is "when in doubt, do Reiki". I usually have no problems with students with an excessively strong clearing response. I attribute this to my insistence that Reiki be used by the student in class after attunement and that they also receive Reiki during the class. This is facilitated by very small classes, usually one student at a time.

I also have found that the most noticeable clearings for attunements seem to be as follows:

  • Reiki I - clearing, may be strong but not too troubling, usually dietary changes and a sense that things have changed somehow.
  • Reiki II - clearing which may be quite emotional and troubling, possible Kundalini reaction in rare cases. 
  • RM - almost no clearing response except one of altered awareness and capabilities, generally quite pleasant, including a sense of achievement.

Clearings are also quite noticeable in the following cases:

  • first time energywork students who come from religious/philosophical traditions which emphasize fear of, or doctrines against  "active" spiritual work and what one may not do with life.
  • first-time energywork students who have not studied energywork before, or who have substantial fears regarding the spiritual
  • emotionally labile persons who expect to have an "earth-shaking" experience.

Clearings for other forms of Reiki do occur, with varying degrees of strength. Usually, if the student of these forms is already a RM in some other tradition, the clearings are mild. All of this depends on what the student "brings to the class as experience and baggage". I find that a good discussion of  what the student things on major life matters before class can anticipate what kind of clearings, if any, can occur. Such clearings are hard to share with "significant others", unless they have experienced such things themselves. For that reason, I tell my students to feel free to contact me "24-7" if they have any questions or problems. The good news is in all cases that clearings are temporary with no lasting phenomena.

I do warn all students at every level that strong clearings are possible, and that the attunement process cannot be undone. I make sure that I have a full consent for an attunement, including its permanence and non-reversibility before I proceed. If there are readers of this page who have questions, please feel free to contact me.