My Clients and my Psychotherapy practice

I value both my Reiki practice and my psychotherapy practice. I do not feel that the two practices should be mixed for the same client with me as the provider, hence, I have chosen to have the following policy about clients for my practice of psychotherapy and my practice of Reiki: I will accept any of my Reiki clients as psychotherapy clients, but at that time, they will cease to be my Reiki clients or Reiki students from then on.

I will not accept any of my current psychotherapy clients as Reiki clients. This means anyone who has been my psychotherapy client in the past, unless two years has passed from the last psychotherapy session. This is in the spirit of Vermont state laws on rostered psychotherapists.

If a person becomes a psychotherapy client and also desires Reiki sessions, I will refer that person to another competent Reiki practitioner in the area. This will usually be someone that I have personally trained, so that I will be able to vouch for their competence.

I will not accept any of my current high school students as clients, or clients under the age of 18.

If you have any questions on this policy, please feel free to contact me.

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