Control - Advantage or Problem?

In the area of energywork, many students and practitioners report that they are frustrated by the issue of control [the ability to use conscious intent to control the energy situation for either power or personal safety]. These people have worked to either improve control, or to eliminate attempts to use it from themselves for a perceived advantage in their energywork. The student who is starting with energywork must deal with this dilemma in order to progress smoothly. When developing the ability to "read" another person and their energy field, the act of "control" will usually limit this perception, since the student is predefining what are acceptable perceptions by their attempted control of the situation. Many students who have a keen interest in advanced energywork also have an apprehension that letting-go into an uncontrolled, unfocussed state will somehow created a condition in which they can not regain everyday control. These students are looking for a "safe" way to explore the unknown. They want to understand the paranormal and the esoteric without the deep personal commitment and courage which are often necessary.

It has been quite clear to me that such students, once they realize the paradox that ultimate control comes through this letting-go, continue on to become very skilled practitioners. What they fear turns out to be the parts of the human psyche shared by all. The fear turns out to be a sense of repressed daring to venture into the areas of mind which have always attracted the deep thinker and the courageous explorer. Many times, in spite of the desire to progress and an intellectual understanding of the problem, the student is emotionally unable to challenge cultural models, values and expectations of what is proper and within the very norms of perception and action which are being explored. There are many exercises which can be used to encourage this letting-go. These methods usually challenge the student to discover that there is comfort and safety in approaching their fears of loss of control. These must be tailored to each student and must be used gradually. I have yet to find a student of energywork who cannot progress this way if they really want to.