Dorje Reiki
by Lawton R. Smith RM, DRM

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A new system of Reiki has come out of my practice, studies, attunements, and from the needs of my clients and students, some of whom are interested in an energy system which is both a healing system, as well as a system of personal development and an exploration of subtle energy forms and methods. [This is actually, a Reiki-like system, in the sense of a hands-on healing system]. I am calling it Dorje Reiki.

Some Definitions - Reiki is a direct-touch subtle energy healing system which manipulates Qi. Energywork is any system that works with the subtle energies in and around the body. Bodywork is that direct-touch work which deals with the physical body. Other disciplines are explained below.

Although I primarily practice Traditional Usui Reiki, I have had many requests by my clients for Reiki procedures which come from various other Reiki traditions in which I am certified and attuned. Rather than confuse students and clients with my instinctive use of elements from various Reiki traditions and other Eastern healing and energy traditions, I have decided to create and practice a unified form of Reiki which reaches to its earliest probable roots, as well as incorporating some limited ideas from various other similar energy practices and beliefs, all combined into a correct, practical, and socially acceptable healing modality. I will practice this form of Reiki only when it is specifically requested by a client, after a careful explanation of how a session is conducted.

"Dorje" is the Tibetan word for "diamond-like, or lightning" {"Vajra" in Sanskrit.} "Dorje" stands for the divine universal diamond-like light/lightning which permeates all of existence and energizes all living things and the understanding of which can arrive to an individual in a flash of light. It is adamantine, conscious, knowledgeable, caring and powerful. It is the energetic synthesis of all dualities, and represents the fusion/merging of the infinite with the finite, the mental/spiritual with the physical, and the male with the female [ Yab/Yum {Yang with Yin}]. It is related to the concept of Kundalini and gTumo in the sense of the merging of spiritual energy with the physical for the purpose of healing and enlightenment. Dorje Reiki's energy nature [for those who notice a qualitative difference between types of Reiki] is quite like that of  gTumo Vajra Reiki merged with Karuna Ki. I chose to consider it a form of Reiki since it combines the best of those Reiki traditions to which I have been attuned, as well as Reiki-like energywork and bodywork elements, as well as spiritual development techniques which I have learned. It is used for healing and personal growth for both the client and for the practitioner. Since it involves a noticeably altered state of consciousness, I limit the students to experienced Reiki Masters who are already aware of a very limited sensation of this kind. In Dorje Reiki, this effect is much more pronounced, both for client and for practitioner.

In the tradition of many modern systems of Reiki, I also considered the Sanskrit names: Pranayena Reiki [out of love], or Ekatvena Reiki [in oneness], or Ojasa Reiki [concentrated psychic power], or even Bhajate Reiki [rendering transcendental loving service]. None of these express simply and directly the nature of Reiki which I have come to know, except "Dorje Reiki". [Dorje is pronounced  "DOOR-jay" .] I recognize that there are those who would question the use of a Tibetan name , or even the use of the word "Reiki" for my system. In order to provide a bridge for those who know Reiki, as well as Tibetan concepts of energy and life, these terms are use to suggest an approach, not a direct connection with things Tibetan and/or Reiki, either in required beliefs or Tibetan practices in general. Healing knows no boundaries, either of geography or of thought. Also, methods of healing evolve beyond their roots, providing a growth of method and energy not foreseen by those trained in earlier traditions, or in earlier types of Reiki. This is all desirable and proper. Life evolves.

The elements of Dorje Reiki come from the best elements of Traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki, Prema Reiki, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Non-Traditional Reiki, Tibetan gTumo Vajra healing, and Seichim Reiki. Dorje Reiki also has inspiration of a few non-religious elements of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, also called Vajrayana Buddhism, [from which many of the ideas for Reiki were originally developed  {for meditations}], certain elements of shamanism [Tibetan, Celtic and Native American - these cultures have all tapped the same source of healing energy in various ways]. There are also limited elements or principles drawn from Tibetan and Taoist massage [suggested by the notes of Dr. Usui about various type of tissue manipulation], elements of Ch'i Gong, Ch'i Nei Tsang, and material from my own experiences and insights. It can be both a healing system and a system of personal development. If it is used only as a healing system, it is taught without the elements of meditation, and the attunement is simpler. It may seem that this is very complicated. On the contrary, it is "distilled down" to a basically simple system which has evolved from the complexities of various cultural and religious methods of healing. I assume that all of the roots of this kind of healing and personal discovery  have had great insights in their own cultures. These have been overlaid and merged with religious elements appropriate to each culture. However, Dorje Reiki is not a form of religious exercise. As Reiki evolved as a secular procedure, Dorje Reiki follows the same path.

[for those who are interested, I do not use an actual physical Dorje in this form of Reiki, either for healing or during attunements - the basic energy ideas of Tibetan thought that I use are :

  • the concept of a balanced male/female unified energy [Yab/Yum {Yin/Yang}], in which all dualities are merged as one
  • the need to focus on this balance through the use of visual and auditory repeated meditations, gestures, and postures
  • the concept that enlightenment is available in the present without long exercises and extensive practices
  • the fact that the physical self is also the spiritual self during human life on earth [interpenetrating]
  • the fact that working with the body for healing can also cause spiritual growth and enlightenment/satori
  • the use of paradox and mastery of internal apparent conflicts and control issues
  • healing ability is a natural part of personal development
  • when one heals, one is healing both the physical and the spiritual simultaneously
  • long and multiple sessions are very effective in both training and healing
  • learning from one very careful teacher is extremely important, and the only way that this form of Reiki can be learned]

This is a general and partial list of the Tibetan thoughts and realizations which  I incorporate in Dorje Reiki.]

Dorje Reiki uses some symbols, as needed, and assumes the practitioner will do daily personal meditations [concentrated thought ] and personal Reiki. The symbols are generally those of more traditional forms of Reiki with a few additions. Many of these symbols would be familiar to many Reiki Masters. Other symbols would be new to most Reiki practitioners. The meditations [non-religious concentrations] are, for the most part, similar to those of Dr. Usui and of certain Tibetan practices which Dr. Usui logically had to have studied. Attunements {multiple} are needed, with all chakras and hands receiving attunement. This form of Reiki can be only taught in-person, to those Reiki Masters that I have invited to learn. Teaching and attunement is done one person at a time, no group classes. There are no required beliefs, authority, or procedures whatsoever; there is an invitation to consider an expanded understanding of the energy of the cosmos and how one can experience it. Unlike most forms of Reiki, a Dorje Reiki session is conducted with the client draped, or in special clothing {"scrubs"}, as in traditional western massage custom [unless local laws/regulations do not permit it].

There are two levels, Dorje Reiki Practitioner [exoteric = open to all and understandable by all], and Dorje Reiki Master [esoteric]. The Dorje Reiki Practitioner will know how to heal others and how to heal oneself, but will not have the attunements or knowledge to attune others, or any knowledge of the esoteric elements involved, even though these elements are used in healing. The practitioner level training takes two full days. The Dorje Reiki Master will know how to heal the self and others, and how to attune others to each level, as well as how to stimulate and reinforce spiritual growth, including using the esoteric techniques. Much study and practice is required at this level, as well as time spent with the training RM.  The total training time for a Master takes at least a full week, spread out over time. I assume that very few Dorje Reiki Practitioners will ever want to, or be able to become Dorje Reiki Masters. 

I thank all of my Reiki Masters for their inspiration and help. All of them have encouraged me to follow my heart in the creation of Dorje Reiki. It has been my desire to create a Reiki-like system which embodies all that I have learned, observed, and practiced over many years. I will not trademark or otherwise limit the system. All I ask is that others respect its nature and methods, which will remain unpublished, the methods of training, attunement, and practice kept privately within the Masters who are attuned to it. The reason that some techniques and theories are kept private [some would say secret] is to insure that they are used responsibly and not shared with those who have no training or understanding of all that is involved to use them responsibly and correctly.

I do suggest that all of my Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters, of whatever Reiki tradition, do some pro bono work. This includes those attuned to Dorje Reiki. For Reiki Master in this tradition, I look for all of the qualities which I look for in any RM candidate. In addition, I look for a candidate who will have freedom from excessively restrictive ideas and beliefs, a probing mind, great patience, and settled personal identity questions. This includes a candidate with a broad spectrum of life experiences. This will produce a candidate secure in themselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually, with the courage to learn a new and difficult tradition. This generally means that the prospective student has had a number of significant life experiences, usually found in a more mature person, although not impossible in a younger candidate.


I am not currently teaching Dorje Reiki to the general public. Dorje Reiki is a theoretical teaching exercise to merge what I know of the best of healing energywork and bodywork.  It is called a form of Reiki only because it is inspired by what I know of Reiki and its complex ancient and modern roots.

Dorje Reiki is still experimental, in the sense that it is still under development and refinement. I will possibly teach it privately, by my invitation, to only a very few selected students of mine who are already at the RM level of Reiki and who have shown the maturity, seriousness and open-mindedness to explore this modality.

Also, I do not yet provide Dorje Reiki sessions to the general public. I would only provide such a session to certain of my existing long-term regular clients who ask for it, after I have given a complete explanation, including the fact that it is still under development and refinement, and that they would be part of the continuing development process. 


A Warning ! - Although I created Dorje Reiki a number of years ago, there have been two more recent versions of Reiki called "Dorje Reiki" created by others; neither one has been created by any of the few students that I have trained or exposed to this form of Reiki.

 I do not authorize or endorse these recent versions, even though I have been contacted by one individual about his claim to this form of Reiki. From the descriptions given to me, I can say that these recent versions do not resemble my Dorje Reiki in any way except the name.

The only authorized information about the original Dorje Reiki is on these pages. Contact me with any questions about this kind of Reiki.


For any questions about this kind of Reiki, please contact me. I will answer what I can, but the actual elements and techniques of the esoteric part of Dorje Reiki will not be discussed.