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Motto of the American Society of Dowsers

Dowsing - An Ancient Science

Dowsing is the science of discovering facts or realities by utilizing some kind of device to externalize one's mental and emotional capacities. The American Society of Dowsers (ASD) says:

"Dowsing is the name given to a quest for information, with or without the assistance of a device, such as a forked stick or pendulum".

Or another person's definition: "Dowsing is any practical method of obtaining a clear and reliable intuitive response in the search for information".

It is based on the theory that a person can perceive in ways traditionally considered beyond the five senses. It may be that these are merely the extension of the basic senses, a synthesis of our normal senses of information below the threshold of perception normally used, or distinctly new senses. Dowsing has been used to find water, locate lost articles or people, and to locate the source of physical or mental ailments, among many other uses.

A comment on dowsing - "Dowsing is as much a part of your humanity as passing wind.
It is a natural part of you that you are taught to suppress
or even deny as much as possible." - Bob Brewer

The devices used in dowsing are below - click on an image to view details of use:

Dowsing is an ancient skill, mentioned in very early writings, and depicted in early paintings. Along with acupuncture, it enjoys a much greater acceptance than its "cousins" - psychic healing, telepathy, and psychokinesis. In fact, many tradesmen, including many in my own area, who use dowsing successfully in their own daily business will deny that it has any relationship to any other mental or psychic abilities, even claiming that they would never use any "voodoo" art or skill. Most who use dowsing as a part of their business, such as drilling for water, or locating buried pipes or septic tanks are politically, socially, and intellectually very conservative.

At times, dowsing is combined with other devices, such as coils and quartz crystals, to discover radiation or energy fields, auras, and other non-visible phenomena. Contractors use dowsing regularly to locate underground pipes and wires, as well as for the traditional use of finding water. The USMC has used dowsing to locate non-ferrous land mines and hidden persons. Some doctors have used dowsing on patients, including finding appropriate acupuncture points; it has even been used remotely on maps to locate things or people. There are also people who use charts with pendulums to determine specific number data. Like any unusual or highly skilled human activity, there are good days and bad days. (that is true of baseball pitchers and concert musicians) For that reason, scientific proof is quite variable, although if a scientist were to get even half of the successes that dowsing enjoys, he would feel that he was dealing with a significant phenomenon.

In this part of the country, dowsing enjoys a long tradition. In fact, the headquarters of the American Society of Dowsers is located in Danville, Vermont; they also maintain a bookstore in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. They also sponsor a dowsing homepage site. There is an excellent beginner's treatise on dowsing by Walter Woods, called "Letter to Robin" which is available at their site.

I have been dowsing for about 35 years. I dowse predominately with a pendulum, although I have used rods and bobbers. I am intrigued with the success which I have had, but I am always learning more. My dowsing is for the discovery of information about things and people; this includes information about health, location, and psychic phenomena. If you are interested in dowsing, please feel free to write to me on the subject.