Some Dowsing Principles and Comments


- Separation is illusion. All is connected.
- This universe is safe, abundant, and benevolent (unless fear is believed).
- Whatever reality we NAME, we can NAVIGATE.
- Time and space are useful realities when navigating a dualistic universe.
- We are consciousness (being) and can exercise choice through intention (doing).
- As humans, we experience and REpresent reality bodily through our five senses.
- Tools (such as pendulums, dowsing rods, etc.) are simply extensions to our nervous systems, which magnify our micro-responses.
- The vast majority of who and what and where we are is outside of our normal day-to-day reality. It is much more than just sub-CONSCIOUS. It is Other than Conscious.
- Our only limitations are the beliefs established from past conditioning.

- We can FIND any person, place, thing, dimension, etc.
- We can BLEND with whatever we find and experience.
- We can SCAN what we find and blend with to make distinctions.
- There are *many* other VERBS (skills we can do).

- It doesn't matter who/what/when/where we direct our attention toward.

- Cancer in the body.
- Water underground.
- The intention of the Hale-Bopp Comet.
- Lottery numbers ("future" is tricky because it moves and reflects so many different intentions). But, so does the "past"?!
- An emotional wound in the "emotional body".
- A limiting belief or set of conflicting values in the "mental body".
- A "past life" in someone's Time Line (of stored memories).
- Probabilities regarding future civilizations in the Akasha (collective Time Line memories).
- The sense of Mars energy.
- How Kentucky "feels" as a state.
- What a tree has to tell you.
- The wisdom a rock you pick up on the seashore.
- The intention of Gaia and possible coming changes (I vote for maximum change through minimum upheaval!).
- (I think we could really keep going ...!)


I feel that when we expand our fundamental assumptions, and really absorb these new presuppositions down into our bones, the use of "intuitive" or "psychic" skills and techniques becomes vastly more easy.