Essays of Christopher Drysdale

Mr. Drysdale is a personal web friend of mine who writes thought-provoking essays. I have made this location available to publicize certain of his works. Permission to reproduce these essays was graciously granted by the author. Please note that all of his works are copyrighted. (). A link has been provided at the bottom of this page and at the bottom of each essay to e~mail the author directly.

The Drysdale Essays


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A Personal Note - While I do not necessarily agree or disagree with all of the ideas expressed in Mr. Drysdale's essays, I find them enormously valuable in the development of my own thoughts on these subjects. He has been able, through his writings, to cause me to think more deeply and precisely about these subjects. His originality and clarity of writing are a pleasure. I would recommend a careful study of them to any serious thinker. - LRS