On Energywork for the Doubter

This page is for those people who have come across this site by referral from another person, or even by error. It is designed to explain to the reader a bit about energywork in general. I have noticed over the years that , in our culture, there are many people who are drawn to energywork who still have a deep suspicion about its use. In some ways it seems to potentially violate what we call "common sense" and our cultural assumptions about how people should act towards one another. Depending on one's philosophical or religious training, this may indeed be the case. If so, read no further, you have proved your point, at least to yourself. [I certainly am willing to debate this matter with anyone - please feel free to email me.]

However, there are those who will read this page who have an instinctive feeling that there is something to all of this talk about subtle energy. Such a person will have had either a philosophical background or religious training which either suggests that this is possible, or does not contradict this possibility in any way. In addition, there are a certain number of people who have experienced this directly, without any understanding of its nature or how to access it. It is to such people that I speak. [I assume at this point that you have already read my Reiki page.]

"Subtle Energy" is the term I use to described such things as Reiki, or what some call "faith-healing", or the energy manipulated by acupuncture or acupressure, or even the energy flow augmented and directed by yoga. This energy capability of humans has a very long history in a great number of different cultures. [ as we go along here, I encourage the reader to look up in Google any terms which need additional understanding or demonstration of authenticity] Sometimes, this energy has been reported as part of a religious tradition; at other times, it has been part of a folk tradition, such as psychokinesis and the aura, and sometimes it is from scientific reports. To me, it is against "common sense" that so many cultures have reported the same phenomena without there being some substance to the reports. We are not a world of fools. There are people of good will and great intelligence in every time and in every culture.

I invite the reader to try a simple experiment. Sit in a moderately lighted room, with a plain white or dark background available to you. Hold your hands in front of you with index fingers extended towards each other. touch the tips of your fingers together briefly, then gradually pull them apart to a distance of about 1/2 inch, so that you see the fingers against a plain background. You will noticed a "something" which is marginally more than a "nothing there" about the width of the fingers which connects, or flows between the two index fingers. The first reaction that you will have is that this is an optical illusion, the prolongation in imagination of the ends of the fingers - just a visual distortion!

I invite you to test this. Please move the fingers apart to about 2-3 inches, so that you can still see this phenomenon. Now move one hand vertically so that its index finger is displaced from a straight line with the other index finger by about 3 inches. Notice that this "something more than nothing" still connects the finger tips, but now at an angle. This now makes visual distortion much more difficult and unlikely. Experiment with this by moving the hands farther apart and at different vertical distances. You can now see the same "something" flowing from all of the fingertips of one hand to the other hand. What you are seeing is "subtle energy". It is one of the layers of the aura, which can be demonstrated to exist in the lab.  The human body seems to be surrounded with layers of transparent energy which seem to vary with the health and vitality of the person.

Many kinds of such "subtle energy " can be demonstrated with sensitive lab equipment. The electrical impulses of the brain which are normally traced on an EEG machine can be detected at a distance of several feet from the head [hence, it is "transmitted!]. The infrared emission [heat] of the body can be felt with one's hand at a distance of a foot from the body. There are labs which have been able to document emissions from the person in the infrared, ultraviolet, and microwave frequencies. Each year we hear of new discoveries like those mentioned. People have average limits of perception, but there are those who have been born with, or who have developed that ability to perceive beyond the average human range. [at this point, I should point out that the average human perception capability fits the "Bell Curve" with 68 percent of all cases falling in "most of the middle" of the curve, with a 16 percent group of exceptional ability falling above and below this middle group, and a 2 percent hypersensitive or hyposensitive group at either extreme end of the scale.]

Energyworkers use the kind of subtle energies which are part of normal human capabilities. They are able to help others through relaxation and the reduction of stress. Since people are hesitant to repeat what has not worked for them, the energyworker's repeat business speaks for effectiveness. Also, many people who want to learn how to be of help to family, friends, and the general public are increasingly seeking out classes to learn some form of energywork.

The medical community already has used Reiki practitioners in some of the nation's major teaching hospitals, both in surgery, recovery, and in routine care. Some use it as a complementary modality to their continuing care, both physically and emotionally. Many doctors have told me that while they themselves cannot explain how it works, that nevertheless their patients seem to benefit noticeably from its use. these doctors are committed to using whatever modalities will help their patients which do not violate the Hippocratic Oath. [another comment - a number of years ago, the use of acupuncture met with general disbelief; now this practice is increasingly common].

In light of all of this, it seems reasonable to notice that the general public is unaware of the history of energywork, as well as the current practices in healing. This is not a surprise, but more education in this area for the general public is indicated.

I invite those with a curiosity about this kind of energy to research this completely. If there is nothing there, you won't find it! Feel free to contact me for additional information or suggestions.