My Other Energy System Attunements and/or Training

These are various energy/healing systems which have traditional roots. Most are modern expressions of these roots; a few are rediscoveries. I study these to understand better the varieties of human experience with subtle energy systems. To me, rather than being distinctly different energies, theses are various attempts to teach about energy in different ways. Each one has given me more insight into the energy which I use in the practice of Reiki.  

Massage - My first experience with bodywork, some 40 years ago was with massage. I used it informally to help family and friends who either had injuries or who felt "without energy". Since then, I have used it whenever requested by friends [not professionally, although I could, since massage is not regulated by the State of Vermont], and I have studied several forms and traditions of massage on my own [Swedish, Esalen, Taoist, Thai, and Tibetan forms]. Gradually, friends noticed that I could "heal"; they felt that somehow "things got better, physically and emotionally" whenever I worked on them. I also began to sense whatever their problem was in ways that, at the time, were mysterious to me, and somewhat troubling at the time. This led me to study various healing modalities to understand more of what I was doing and sensing.

Pranic Healing - A system which I have used for some 35 years, recently popularized by Choa Kok Sui. Pranic Healing originally started in India, although Hippocrates makes mention of it as a major need for a doctor to know and practice. Many cultures have similar practices. Prana [vital, primal universal energy] is transferred without touch to another person by the practitioner, who is the channel for the energy. Personal energy is not used. This was my first introduction to energywork for another person.

Dowsing - An energy awareness system which uses devices or the human body to externalize awarenesses of energy patterns. I have a separate page on Dowsing. I have used this system with success for some 40 years. There are those who feel that something akin to an attunement happens when an experienced dowser holds the hands of a novice. I have felt this myself.

Shamanism - A folk tradition from many lands and cultures [from Siberian to Native American and South American native practices] in which the practitioner attempts to contact the spirit guides/power animals of a person who feels "dis-spirited". The shaman becomes one with these energies. The guides/animals are then returned to the person for healing. Harmful spirits/energies are also removed by the shaman. The tradition in Europe has more to do with protection from harmful discarnate entities and their removal, rather than the recovery of positive energy entities, except for certain positively intended tasks. I have used shamanic journeys for a number of years for myself and for others, as the result of intense experiences in childhood and young adulthood, including a time when I was in a medical crisis..

Ch'i Kung - a Chinese system of personal energy management and development. Recently re-named by the Chinese, it is a collection of ancient Chinese energy practices and exercises. It includes healing energy projection and touch. Aspects of Ch'i Kung also have to do with personal philosophical development. I practice Ch'i Kung exercises every day.

Golden Triangle System - I have been attuned {and re-attuned, as a gift} as GT MT [Golden Triangle Master Teacher] by its modern founder/re-discoverer - James Purner. It is a healing energy related to Isis, which utilizes the triangle or pyramid as a device to enhance healing and well-being. It is used for sending healing both in person and at distance. The system is only taught and transmitted by attunement. It is taught sometimes as one level; at other times, it is taught as GT Practitioner and GT Master Teacher.

Karuna Ki - Karuna Ki is a Reiki-like energy system for healing, founded by Vinny Amador. I was attuned to Karuna Ki Master Teacher by Vinny Amador. It uses most of the Karuna ReikiŪ symbols and energy. It is available to all those who have been attuned to that level of Reiki energy, including Independent Karuna Reiki Masters. It does not require registration and is not trade-marked.[Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do is/are in no way affiliated with Karuna ReikiŪ, the International Center for Reiki StudiesŪ or William Rand.] 

SKHM - SKHM is the latest in the 16 year evolution in the energy system of Seichim, created and taught by Patrick Ziegler, the creator of Seichim Reiki. SKHM is a system which uses no mandatory symbols and is a meditative connection to the universal/Source. SKHM uses meditations, visualization, and group energy links to facilitate the initiation of the student. There is no attunement by a Master, rather the Master Teacher who has already experienced initiation supports the student in their own process of opening and initiation. Along the way, there is a deepening of understanding and emotional clearing. I am currently working towards initiation in this system. This energy system originally led to the development of Reiki systems based on this energy, such as Seichim Reiki, Sekhem Reiki, Seichem Reiki, Tera-Mai SeichimŪ, Karuna ReikiŪ, and Karuna Ki.

Tibetan gTumo Method of Energy Healing - I am a Tibetan gTumo Vajra Master/Teacher {Fourth grade} -  this is a variant form of energy work, perhaps a precursor, of Vajra Reiki, and perhaps of Usui Reiki,  focusing on the Tibetan gTumo energy.  It is used much in the same way as Vajra Reiki is used.

I have also received attunements, empowerments, and initiations to several other energy systems which I do not list here. They are ones which I can use, but find inappropriate or redundant in my use of them.

Other Systems Under Exploration and/or Study- I am also looking at several other energy systems to understand them and see if I would like to investigate them in my own experience, such as certain Tibetan gTummo systems, related to the use of Kundalini, Ch'i Nei Tsang, and my personal system under development which combines the best of my subtle energy healing experiences and understanding. See details for this here.