Teaching of an esoteric energy system

It is always a daunting task to try to teach an esoteric system, especially of energywork, and especially from another culture. the term esoteric refers to something which is hidden, limited to a few, and considered inappropriate for general use, often considered to be "mystical". This is contrasted with exoteric, open to use and understanding by/for all. The very nature of esoteric work means that only a very few students will be selected for such training. Not all who wish to learn will be able to learn. The cost of training and the training style may limit the number of possible students. Some may not be successful along the way, even then, since the success of the training depends in part on the ability and attitude of the student. This is why I approach the subject with great hesitancy and why I do not currently try to teach such energywork.

First, many people say that they want to learn a certain kind of esoteric energywork. Most have no idea what that really means, except that it sounds mysterious and special. In the cultures where a distinction between exoteric and esoteric is made, there is a tradition of complete trust of the teacher and a willingness  to spend many years in study with the teacher. This kind of reverence for a teacher is neither traditional in this country or desirable. It can be replaced with a feeling of trust and respect for what the teacher can offer, as well as a willingness to try to learn difficult things in a relatively short time, with the understanding that the shorter period of training will result in an imperfect understanding of the material, requiring subsequent years of private, solitary work and practice by the student. Certainly, the practical experiences gained from prolonged study will be very limited.  Also, some students actually wish to only experience the esoteric energywork, not to study it. In this case, the student/client must be completely aware of what that would entail. Most such student/clients will reject such an experience once fully informed.

As a way of filtering out those students who do not have the necessary qualities and determination, many esoteric traditions often have the student violate various cultural assumptions, taboos and practices, and problems with control. [ I certainly do not require or suggest this, although I realize the theoretical efficacy of having the student confront cultural issues so that they may become aware of their "built-in" attitudes and habits. This will often have the effect of freeing the student from certain cultural limitations which may impede the advanced learning of energywork. Often, this is the natural result of a broad range of life experiences, but it can be the result of careful work with one's energywork teacher]. All training must be with fully informed consent, documented with signed waivers and understandings. For practical reasons, much of what might be taught will be limited in scope and duration. Since there will never be training manuals and certifications possible [that would be a contradiction of the term esoteric], many students will shy away from such learning. Students considering such training should trust their instincts; if this kind of training makes them nervous, they should avoid it, or discover specifically what it is that makes them hesitate.

There are obviously no guarantees as to what the student will learn or experience. There will be a very few, however, who will try to pressure a favorite teacher to consider teaching them more and more esoteric material. Any such teacher must be very cautious in accepting a student to learn such esoteric material without disappointing the student with a likely rejection. In addition, every potential student will need to realize that what they expect to learn may not be what is taught or experienced. Even with the future of Reiki potentially including much more esoteric teaching one must remember that esoteric energywork is not for spectators! This situation will continue with another traditional selection tool, the initial refusal of the teacher to consider the students request. At no time should the teacher invite a student to consider advanced esoteric work unless the student has raised that possibility first.

I will always discuss such esoteric training with a  serious student, only to provide the kind of information that I have given on this page. I will use various devices to discourage the student and make the student reconsider what they are asking. The student will be challenged to defend their interest and explain their motivations for such training, and their capacity to keep what they learn secret. The emotional, physical, and financial costs will be spoken of in a way to discourage all but the very determined. At this time, I have not yet met many students who I would consider for such training, and fewer yet that I would accept as students. The esoteric side of Reiki and other energywork is not a necessary training, nor yet well understood. At this time, I am not teaching any students in this manner, nor do I expect to do so in the near future. Please use the link below to ask any questions about this topic which you may have.