On Ethics

My personal ethics are both simple to describe and also simple to apply. They are not laws or rules; they are principles and statements to guide me in my ethical decisions. My ethics are situational. They force me to consider each situation on its own merits. I recognize that rules and laws are imperfect distillations of principles, and may lead one to decisions which are possibly unethical for that specific situation. I use certain general statements about life as guides and reminders for good ethical decisions. My guiding principles and reminders:

The Basics:

  • Do no harm.
  • Love others; they are yourself.
  • Find the truth and follow it.

The Corollaries:

  • Know yourself; Love yourself, Be true to yourself.
  • You can only have as much regard for others as you have for yourself.
  • Life is learning and daring and attempting.
  • Life is good. The world is good.
  • Our feelings, thoughts, and desires can be trusted as guides to action, if considered in their totality.
  • Our body, mind, and spirit are all valid expressions of the ultimate.
  • We are all part of the divine.
  • No one is perfect, nor should they be so, or even try to be so.
  • Everyone is a work in progress.
  • There is no script for life to hold one another to.
  • History is a guide; so is the present and the future.
  • Try to remain in harmony with your environment. When it is hurt, we are hurt.
  • Today each one of us begins anew. No one is experienced in the present or in the future, regardless of age.
  • There are many paths to the top of the mountain.

A Discussion/Expansion of my Values