Our Family:

Our family consists of 5 people and two good-sized dogs. There is myself and my beautiful wife Roberta. Together we have three wonderful daughters; Lisa, Erika, and Brenda. Our daughters are now out on their own [we have an empty nest!]. However, they do visit us with their friends and  "significant others" from time to time. This means that our guest room is used regularly. We also have two wonderful dogs, who are very accepting of new friends, except when we are not home [then they are quite fierce!]. Sometimes, some of their friends stay over with us, also. We have a busy household!

As a family, we enjoy hiking and camping, classical, jazz and folk music, reading, and gourmet cooking. Unfortunately, our taste for fine things is not matched by our budget! We live on a quiet dirt road in the country in Burke, VT (our town numbers some 1400 people), with some 70 acres of woods and fields directly behind our house, with additional hundreds of acres beyond that! We have neighbors, but our houses are separated by hundreds of yards, or more. We are 7 miles from Lyndonville, 22 miles from St. Johnsbury, and 27 miles from Canada. You can get to Canada from here using only dirt roads, crossing only one paved road on the way! We visit Canada often; it seems familiar, since many of our road signs and menus in this part of Vermont are both in French and English. the nearest major Canadian city to us is Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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Unfortunately, our world is not a perfect place!