For Those who are hesitant about learning Reiki:

I often get questions from people about the appropriateness of Reiki for them to study. This is because there are many reasons to study Reiki and its uses. There are basically five types of prospective students:

  • the first kind  of student feels drawn to healing and wants to learn everything possible to this end in the normal way for studying Reiki [typical student]
  • the second kind of student wants to learn how to heal and how to teach others the process as well  [possible RM student]
  • the third kind  of student does not primarily want to be a healer, but wants to understand subtle energy uses and its manipulation [seeker/scientist]
  • the fourth kind of student wants to develop spiritually and to find a way of getting in touch with universal energy in a direct way [uncommon, philosophical]
  • the fifth kind of student seeks with great energy and drive to learn and experience every kind of energywork without personal limitations [extremely rare, courageous seeker]

The study of Reiki can assist each of these types of students. The manner of teaching each kind will vary to a significant degree. This can be discussed ahead of time to make sure that the study of Reiki is what is wanted.  This assures that as the person grows in knowledge, they will have not shut any doors to the application of what they have learned.

The first kind of student should study Traditional Usui Reiki. The second type should do so as well, studying backgrounds of various traditions of Reiki. Non-Traditional Reiki is better suited for the third kind of student. A mixture of studies of Non-Traditional Reiki, with explorations of shamanism, dowsing, and various mystic traditions, is best for the fourth and fifth type of student. If this last kind of student proceeds to the Master level, there are other kinds of Reiki and other disciplines to continue with, which will present challenges and paradoxes.

Students who have learned another form of Reiki are welcome to discuss the ways that Traditional Reiki certification can be obtained, as well as other forms of Reiki learned by RMs who have learned the traditional way.

Discussions of the ways that Reiki may be appropriate for a person are very important. It is an important step to take, and it is not reversible. One may ignore Reiki attunements, forget the hand positions, yet one is, from that point on, attuned to Reiki forever. Please feel free to contact me, without cost or obligation, for any questions that you have.