My Traditional Usui Reiki Lineage

Certified by my Traditional Usui Reiki Master - Sensei Linda Nickel

Sensei Mikao Usui
Sensei Chujiro Hayashi
Sensei Hawayo K. Takata
Sensei Phyllis Lei Furumoto
Sensei Phillip Morgan
Sensei Robert Vaughan
Sensei Linda Nickel
Sensei Lawton R. Smith

*A Note - Sensei Linda Nickel is now married to Sensei Robert Vaughan, and is now known as Linda Vaughan

Regarding the title "Sensei". - The title Sensei in Japanese is an honorific, a term used by other than the person to whom it refers, to show respect to a teacher or mentor. It means Master, in the sense of Instructor/Master-Teacher. The corresponding word in Chinese is Shifu; in Hindi the word is Guru.

In English speaking countries, we have no such word for equivalent use. Many times, referring to a person's doctorate [e.g. "Dr. Smith"], would be partially equivalent in usage, along with other expressions of respect, trust, acceptance of teaching authority, and recognition of ability and accomplishment. The term Master does not imply complete mastery necessarily, or any authority over another, but mastery sufficient to teach and explain responsibly.

I use it here next to my name because my Traditional Usui Reiki Master, Sensei Linda Nickel, used it in her documentation to me, which I have reproduced exactly as she gave it to me.

"Lineage", for Reiki practitioners, is the historical list of Reiki Masters through whom one has received teaching, attunement, and certification, starting with Usui, through one's Reiki Master, and ending with oneself. For Traditional Reiki Masters, this list starts with Usui, through Hayashi and Takata, and continues unbroken to oneself. I have not listed a full lineage for all of the following Reiki Masters. Many Masters do not consider lineage as important as Traditional Usui Reiki does; some non-traditional Masters even consider lineage to be irrelevant.

Some Reiki Masters point out that Dr. Usui attuned some 18-22 known Masters, only one of whom was Dr. Hayashi, hence, there are many possible lineages. Mrs. Takata was the first one of Dr. Hayashi's Masters to teach in the United States. She passed on Reiki to some 22 known Masters, including her granddaughter, Phyllis Furumoto. Since then, there have been others of Dr. Usui's Masters who have demonstrated lineages with Masters in this country and around the world. Modern Japanese "Traditional Japanese Reiki" does not recognize the Usui-Hayashi-Takata lineage as the only one. Also, many Reiki Masters have been attuned to more than one tradition or lineage. Therefore, tracing lineages is, at best, partial and/or complex.

Each Reiki Master, however, is proud of the lineage(s) or tradition(s) from which their teaching comes. Below I have listed those Reiki Masters who have attuned me to various traditions. Each has the appropriate attunements and certifications for the traditions to which they have attuned me. Many of these Masters have multiple attunements and certifications to Reiki Master from multiple Reiki traditions, as well as to other energy systems. The lineage does not represent any form of authority, only history, pride and respect.

Also, I have the following attunements and certifications:

I have been attuned as a Non-Traditional Reiki Master by:

  • Remy Willems RM
  • Peter Stacey RM

I have been attuned as a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master by:

  • Gael Sylvia Costigan RM

I have been attuned as a Kwan Yin Usui Tibetan Reiki Master by:

  • Angel Cartwright RM

I have been attuned as a Independent Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher by:

  • Gael Sylvia Costigan RM - The name for this form of Reiki was given to me by my certifying RM
    [I do not teach this form of Reiki under this name in this country. I will teach Prema Reiki and Karuna-Ki, each of which uses the same energy and many of the same procedures and symbols.]

I have been attuned as a Prema Reiki Master by:

I have been attuned as a Karuna Ki Master/Teacher by:

  • Vinny Amador RM - the creator of Karuna Ki
    [Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do is/are in no way affiliated with Karuna Reiki®, the International Center for Reiki Studies® or William Rand.]

I have been attuned as a Vajra Reiki Master

[known in Indonesia as Johrei Reiki Master -I do not teach this system, although I use its energies routinely.] by:
  • Ismail I. Ishaq VRM

I have been attuned to gTumo Vajra Master/Teacher by:

  • Elizabeth Frauendorfer VRM/T

I have been attuned as a Lightarian® Reiki Master Levels I+II - III - IV- V+VI by:

  • Ismail I. Ishaq RM, who was attuned by the creator of the system, Jeanine Marie Jelm. [I do not teach or practice this system directly, although I use the energy for my own spiritual development.]

I have been attuned as a Seichim Reiki Master by:

  • Gael Sylvia Costigan RM

I was attuned to Traditional Usui Reiki I and to Traditional Usui Reiki II by:

  • Nan Bigelow RM

I have been attuned as a Violet Flame Reiki Master/Teacher by:

  • Lars Colson RM [Lineage: Ivy Moore [founder], Lars Colson]

I have been attuned as a Magnussa Phoenix Reiki Grandmaster [First Grandmaster in the USA],  Magnus, and Magnussa Phoenix by:

  • Elisabeth Frauendorfer -  Magnussa Phoenix Reiki Great-Grandmaster

I have been attuned {by Spirit, and by the previous attunements which I have received} to Dorje Reiki Master/Teacher:

[Dorje Reiki is my own form of Reiki which includes many of the best parts of many other traditions to which I have been attuned, empowered, or initiated.]

*I have not have included all of the credentials of each Reiki Master listed above, even though most have many additional ones. I have not listed every Reiki attunement which I have had, only the most significant. I will update this page as additional information becomes available. For a description of each type of Reiki, please view my Reiki Traditions page. I have also been attuned, empowered, and/or initiated to some other energy traditions.

Lawton R. Smith RM