Personal Information:

Like many people in the Vermont's Northeast Kingdom [see the view above - from a hill quite near to my house], I work in several ways to try to make ends meet. (I do this willingly to keep our quality of life). I am the Scheduling and Security Coordinator at a local private high school. I  work also as a psychotherapist in the evening, and I am also a certified Reiki Master practitioner/teacher [Why?]. These additional occupations work well with my prime work, since my clients for these services come to see me in the late afternoon or evening, or on weekends.  In addition, as an amateur writer, I am always interested both in the writings of others, and in new ways of expressing the essential ideas of life, hence, my pages of musings. Often, I find that over the years I am discovering better questions, rather than better answers in this process of interacting with others and learning from their questions along the way.

I read constantly about such diverse subjects as parapsychology, dowsing, psychiatry and psychology, music, religions, spiritual and philosophical traditions, such as Taoism, Zen,  shamanism, physics, and history. Although I do not dowse professionally for others, I am a moderately effective dowser for my own needs.

I am also a musician, playing pipe organ, piano, French horn [I play in the Northeast Kingdom Community Orchestra {3rd/Utility Horn}, the St. Johnsbury Town Band {3rd/Utility Horn},  and the Lyndonville Town Band {1st Horn}.], guitar, and several other instruments. I love to go to tag/yard/garage sales; I am always hunting for certain things either at no cost or low cost! I also love the outdoors, four-season camping and hiking. I speak English [very well, but still working at it], French [moderate, getting worse!], some Spanish [rusty!], and some German [very rusty!], with a very limited comprehension of Russian, Italian and Portuguese. I learned my non-English languages in school and university, and on the job, about 45-50 years ago.

I have held many different jobs, including ones in politics and law enforcement. In the fairly recent past, I have been a computer consultant and a management consultant. I also love to cook foods from many countries and cultures. [the fact that "I never met a food I didn't like" forces me to exercise diligently!]. I have traveled by car to every state in the United States except Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida. I have also lived and traveled in Europe, as well as traveling in the Middle East, Mexico and Canada.

I am always interested in serious discussions on any subject, either by e~mail, phone, or in person. Conversations with friends are one of the important parts of my life. I am an active member of several InterNet discussion groups, one on Reiki, one on Dowsing, and I participate in several related groups as well. I always answer my e~mail promptly; I check it at least once a day, usually more often. I also use social media, especially Facebook.

I always appreciate it when people care to write to me and share their views and feelings. Please use the "Contact Me" button to do so. Also, for alternate ways to contact me, such as my phone number, IM, or social networking,  please drop me an email by pushing the button below to send me a request. I will also discuss any of the services which I provide. This offer must be limited for my high school students, as follows.

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