Reiki for the medical professional:

Often, I get questions from medical professionals about Reiki. Some have to do with integrating Reiki sessions and medical care. Others have to do with whether or not the use of Reiki can be consistent with the training and experience of medicine. First of all, the use of Reiki, regardless of your opinion about it, is only a complement to your normal medical care. since the first part of the Hippocratic oath says "if you can do no good, at least do no harm." The use of Reiki may be only a placebo in some peoples' thinking. If so, it cannot possibly do harm, as long as medical care is not changed or interrupted. It is well known that placebos often have an efficacy beyond mere chance. This possible effect is additive to the medical care indicated. A patient's state of mind is often a factor in the outcome of medical treatment. If the use of Reiki only enhances the patient outlook and attitude, then Reiki can be of benefit. in certain case, the quality of relaxation which can be induced in the patient will assist difficult treatments. Reiki as a relaxation modality does provide the conditions for a very substantial reduction of stress and enhanced relaxation.

As far as Reiki training for the medical profession, learning a hands-on relaxation modality can only help in the quality of the patient-provider relationship. I have trained medical professionals in the use of Reiki. They report that there are the benefits as listed above, in addition to which there is a "difficult to describe" enhancement of the positive effects of medical treatment. Reiki is currently under study in the United States, as well is several other countries to ascertain exactly how Reiki affects mind and body. Reiki is in use in many teaching hospitals as a part of the treatment team, including in post-operative suites and in nursing care. No special beliefs or practices are necessary; Reiki can be added to one's normal medical practices simply by the fact the Reiki flows automatically when two hands are placed on a recipient with intent to heal.