Why I do not accept any of my high school students as Reiki clients/Reiki students or as psychotherapy clients:

I do not accept current high school students as either Reiki clients or Reiki students, or as psychotherapy clients, since I feel that my role towards students should remain only that of school teacher at high school. Although I know that there will be students, from time to time, who would like to either become Reiki clients/students or psychotherapy clients, it would alter my relationship with my students at high school. I thank them for their interest and trust in my services; however, this personal rule is inflexible, as outlined above, since my ethics require it. 

I will also be willing to discuss ways to access psychotherapy while one is still a student at high school, by referring the student to other psychotherapy providers in the area in whom I have confidence. This is also true in the case of Reiki. I will refer current high school students to local Reiki  teachers in whom I have confidence. These teachers are usually people that I have personally trained and attuned to Reiki at the Master level.

However, I will certainly accept former students who have graduated from high school as either psychotherapy clients, or as Reiki clients/students if they are at least 18 years of age, although I recognize that there is a certain maturity that comes if someone waits until they are 21 [which would be my usual suggestion for most people]. A frank discussion when considering training will usually reveal those issues which may be impediments.

As always, my high school students, past and present, know that they can speak with me about any concerns or interests, Reiki or otherwise during the normal course of the school day when it fits in with school needs and schedules. Obviously, while at school, as well as when I am on my own time, I am still a high school teacher, and, as such, must keep any discussions limited to subjects which are of proper academic concern or related to our school community. Such contact should be in a manner, time and place which is proper between a student and a teacher. All of these discussions with students should take place at school, during the school day. Therefore, I will not "friend" students or communicate with them on social media.

There is a proper balance between propriety and a genuine, open and free communication. I value both. The limitations listed above do not preclude appropriate discussions about Reiki, psychotherapy, or any other healing arts. This offer of discussion is open to any member of the high school community, including graduates of high school and colleagues.