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I will try to put a note here to let you know what I have added or changed on the site. It will be partial, since I am sure that I will forget, or that I do not want to call your attention to corrections in spelling, small errors,  punctuation, etc. This will include minor changes in wording or facts. Substantial changes in facts or opinions will be listed here. New links from a page not available elsewhere will be considered a significant change to report here. Obviously, new pages which I have created will be listed here.

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Uncertainty about becoming a Psychotherapy client

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On the challenges to teaching Reiki 

To the hesitant Reiki student

Reiki for the Doubter

On language, culture, and subtle energy

On the nature of culture - reactions to my students' questions

On hesitancy about having a Reiki session

On the nature of a Reiki-induced slightly altered state of consciousness

On the differences between students and Reiki Masters

On Being a Healer

On the question of pro bono work

My current Reiki client and student experience {updated from time to time}

On the use of "exotic" words

My observations about the best age and life situation in which to learn Reiki

Reiki and Medical Care Professionals

On the future of Reiki

On a good preparation diet for Reiki