Prema Reiki

I am a Prema Reiki Master, attuned to the system by its creator, Ismail I. Ishaq RM. I am one of 3 original Prema Reiki Masters whom he has attuned.

The original Prema Reiki system uses all of the Karuna ReikiŪ symbols and basic attunement methods, with the addition of 4 additional symbols from Indonesia and some refinement of the attunement. As such, this form of Reiki is not a copy of Karuna ReikiŪ, but a new and vital system. Mr. Ishaq created the system to bring the higher level energies of Karuna ReikiŪ to the world without excessive restrictions on its teaching or cost.

Mr. Ishaq has recently informed me that he is in the process of developing a refined version of Prema Reiki, which includes elements of Karuna, Vajra[Johrei], and Seichim Reiki. It has a special healing focus on mental health issues. The system is, at present, in evolution, modifying the original Prema Reiki system, developing manuals and refining methods.

A complete announcement and description of Prema Reiki history, methods, symbols, philosophy and teaching will be on this page, as soon as the system is formally announced.

[ Prema Reiki is in no way affiliated with Karuna ReikiŪ, the International Center for Reiki StudiesŪ or William Rand. ]