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A Warning! - While there is an immense amount of information available in books and on the Web about Reiki, it is absolutely necessary to receive training and attunement in Reiki from a properly attuned Reiki Master. Books alone cannot provide that training; when the hands are used without attunement, there is only a minimal amount of energy available which is from the person's own Ki [which is very inefficient and tiring!], rather than from universal Ki.


The books on Reiki/Ki which I have found most useful are:

    ***Practical Reiki - Mari Hall
    **The Complete Reiki Handbook - Walter Lübeck
    **Reiki - Bodo Baginski & Shalila Sharanon
    *The Reiki Handbook - Arnold and Nevius
    *The Power of Reiki - Tanmaya Honervogt
    *Reiki Energy Medicine - Barnett and Chambers
    *Empowerment through Reiki - Paula Horan

The next two books are new information about the Reiki history and training. They are very important, but some may feel that they contradict much of what has been taught in "Traditional Reiki. I consider them essential for those who want to understand how Reiki has changed from Dr. Usui's original teaching.

    **Reiki Fire - Frank Arjava Petter
    **The Legacy of Dr. Usui - Frank Arjava Petter

The next book may be quite complex or confusing to beginners, but is a very complete description of "generic" Reiki. I usually suggest it for Master students only.

    ***Essential Reiki - Diane Stein

Somewhat Related Books:

    **The Chi Gung Way - James MacRitchie
    **Hands of Light - Barbara Brennan
    *Pranic Healing - Choa Kok Sui
    *The Dancing Wu Li Masters - Gary Zukav
    Light Emerging - Barbara Brennan
    Advanced Pranic Healing - Choa Kok Sui
    The Etheric Double - A.E.Powell
    Methods of Psychic Development - Quantz Crawford
    The Way of the Shaman - Michael Harner

Books which are of great help in understanding the thought involved in Eastern disciplines:

 Nature, Man, and Woman - Alan Watts
 Psychotherapy East and West - Alan Watts
 Beyond Theology - Alan Watts
The Dancing Wu-Li Masters - Gary Zukav


*** = essential, ** = very helpful, * = quite helpful

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