Reflections on Awareness

These quotes are possibly from "The New Millenium" -1993

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"CURIOSITY--"Puppy sniffs out every inch of the new room." Curiosity leads to knowing."

"ACT NOW--"Walking by garbage, the person stoops to clean it up; a flower grows." Follow your hunches; you make a difference."

"SURRENDER TO BLISS--"Dog rolls over to have its belly scratched." Allow yourself to feel ecstasy."

"SPIRIT--"Water flows from hot springs beneath the frozen ground." Light flows from within, warming your spirit even when you think you're stuck or frozen."

"RECEIVING--"The chalice must be right side up to hold the liquid nectar." Choose to receive the constant gifts, love, help, and nurturing of the Angels."

"PARADOX--"Some bodily muscles contract while others expand." Embrace the opposites; they balance."

"CREATIVITY--"The brush seems to paint the artist's feelings without planning." Create from your heart, and your life will fall into place."

"REST WITHIN--"Bear sleeps soundly in the cave now." Create time today to rest in silence and feel the presence of God."

"COMPASSION--"Bug climbs the immense structure of a grass blade." See others with your heart; their journeys are different from yours."

"RELAX--"The squirrel sits to eat the nut; nothing else exists." Life isn't as serious as it seems; enjoy the fruits."

"LIFE--"The wise elder views life, feeling ecstatic about its gifts, its secrets, and its opportunities for growth." Ask the wise one in you to guide your thoughts and actions today."

"PERSPECTIVE--"From the small plane, a pilot sees Mother Earth's damaged beauty." Rise above daily hurts to see the bigger picture."

"PEACE--"Snow quietly blankets the landscape." Choose to wrap peace about you like a shawl. Outer appearances are usually not what they seem."

"OPENNESS--"The door swings on a loose hinge." There is no need to control; let go and let God."

"MEDITATION--"The performers circle to meditate before going on stage to sing and dance." Allow your emotions and thoughts to rest with quiet times in union with Spirit."

"OBSERVATION--"The Angel watches humanity, and guides them with needed messages." Notice your frustrations that they may become messengers of needed change. Ask for Angelic help with change."

"SERVICE--"The dog comforts her lonely master." Serve today by following your heart's lead."

"QUIETNESS--"The Saint said her vision arose in the silent dawn." In silence, not in busy thoughts, will you find your answers."

"PATIENCE--"The dog waits at the end of the driveway for his owner's homecoming." Whatever is not clear today, will be soon. All is well."

"ENTHUSIASM--"The dog bounds to the door at the sight of the leash." Express enthusiasm: it brings joy to the world."

"ANSWERS--"The teacher asks a question; the student listens within, then answers correctly." The answers you seek are already in your consciousness; Trust and Listen. All is well."

"DAY OFF--"On the Seventh day God rested." This is a day to have neither mental strain nor lists to complete. Relax, have fun, meditate, read, choose PEACE."

"CREATIVITY--"The master taught her students that we are all creators." Choose a form of creativity, which is not for production or praise, but for fun."

"OPPORTUNITY--"The open door presents the invitation to enter and meet the new world on the other side." Your intuitional perceptions are open wide today; trust and follow them.

"GUIDANCE BEFORE ACTION--"The nearly grown wolf takes instruction from the eldest male before beginning the trek." Ask for help; listen; then choose your actions."

"EMOTIONAL BALANCE--"The Angels remove old patterns of hurt from the seeker's emotions." Ask for Angelic help with balancing your emotions, and you will co-create peace."

"MEDITATION--"The bell rings; the monks pause to be mindful of their spiritual nature." Meditate; align your personality with your soul, and choose peace."

"THE POWER OF THE LIGHT--"Lighted candle in a dark room." Use your love and inner light to illumine a specific fear today."

"DREAMY REFLECTION, SELF NURTURING--"Filled with light, you read a favorite book or watch clouds go by." Release what you planted. This is not a day to do long lists of things."

"EMOTIONAL GROWTH AND HELP--"A soaring hawk watches the ground below." Observe your emotions rising and falling without judgement."

"INTUITIVE AND SPIRITUAL VISION--"A Sage, viewing stars through a telescope, begins to shine as bright as the stars." You are illuminated by the light you seek."

"ACCEPT YOURSELF--"A cat contentedly curls up by the fire." Love yourself and your surroundings, just as is."

"HEIGHTENED INTUITION AND EXPANSIVENESS--"See yourself fill with light." Take time to meditate. See divine brilliance within yourself."

"TRUST IN YOURSELF--"Pelican, diving for fish, folds its wings, commits to the plunge and trusts." Trust your actions based on intuition; you are wise."

"NATURE, BEAUTY, FEELINGS OF HARMONY. "A flower opens gently." Walk in nature to experience that you are unfolding perfectly."

"SENSITIVITY, INTUITION, CARING. "Mother rocks her baby." Take time to be loving to yourself and others today."

"PEACE, JOY, HARMONY. "Bluebird sings as she goes about her day." Feel contentment as you go about the details of your life."

"FEELINGS ACCENTUATED. "You stand beneath a waterfall." Be aware of your breath as your feelings flow through you. They cleanse you."

"REFLECTIVE, THEN LATER, CREATIVE. "A still lake becomes an artist's canvas." Be still and meditative in the morning; create in the afternoon."

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