The Future of Reiki

Recently I have been asked often about the future of Reiki, especially in the United States. I have given this a great deal of thought. As a traditionally trained Reiki Master, I would wish that Reiki would continue unchanged forever. I am comfortable with Reiki in the way that I learned it. Any experimentation with new forms of Reiki that I have done has been to understand Reiki in the context of other healing system, as well as to see how Reiki-like systems have evolved in various parts of the world. However, Reiki Masters cannot be unrealistic and unresponsive to the changing needs of our clients and students. We cannot think that the Reiki that we were trained in is the only possible hands-on healing modality. Reiki was a rediscovered subtle energy healing system; other people have, and will rediscover older hands-on healing systems. Some will be beneficial, and should be learned and integrated into complementary care, perhaps into Reiki itself.

As a healing modality, Reiki clients and Reiki practitioners will enjoy a slow but steady growth. The practice of Reiki and the teaching of Reiki has never been a source of great income. It will become even less so as the years progress. This is partly due to the fact that there will be a slowly increasing number of Reiki Masters and Reiki practitioners, enjoying a very small segment of the complementary medicine marketplace. In our country, the average person, even for complementary medicine and energywork, wants to see immediate and dramatic change. This is rarely possible, although it happens enough to encourage people to seek such modalities.. In addition, the reasons that people want to learn Reiki will shift. I have already seen this in the requests of some of my clients and students.

There will be refinements of the system of the use of Reiki. There will be improvements in the way Reiki is taught and the manner in which students are attuned. there may be new forms of Reiki which combine the best of various systems of Reiki and Reiki-like modalities [I have done this as a theoretical exercise creating Dorje Reiki]. By far, the biggest change that I predict is in the increasing use of Reiki as a personal development modality. This will mean that those RMs that can adapt to this change in the desires of students and clients will enjoy a steady flow of those requesting Reiki. Students will want to learn all levels of Reiki without a desire necessarily to practice Reiki healing. It will require that Reiki practitioners become more aware of trends in holistic philosophy, as well as an increasing knowledge of the roots of Reiki as originally taught by Usui as a personal development system. One must heal the self to enhance the healing of others. This will mean studying the materials that Usui studied on his path to rediscover this proper use of this healing and personal development modality. The practitioner will need to practice a personal form of Reiki mediation. Such study will also lead the student and practitioner to phenomena which are rarely studied and/or practiced. Students will be carefully chosen; increasingly, this will mean private study with the teacher, rather than learning in groups, although this is certainly possible if there is sufficient demand..

Meditation and the healing of distorted personal energies will again be part of the core of Reiki in the United States. This will include the exploration of expanded awareness through the mind-body connections. It will probably use various techniques to facilitate the flow of energy through the chakras. In addition, without it becoming a religious phenomenon, this may enable some to experience the Universal Mind through the use of Reiki and the energizing of body centers. Many phenomena experienced will be those which are called "paranormal", for lack of a better term; perhaps "mystical' and "immanent" would be better. Certainly, to the Western mind, this teaching will be esoteric. A Reiki session may include the use of a form of Tibetan energy massage, as Usui indicated in his writings*.  The medical community will find new uses for Reiki sessions for physical and emotional discomfort. Healing will still be the core of Reiki; it will simply expand to include the development of new awareness and the realization that much healing of the body-mind continuum is accomplished through the regular use of Reiki.

*[There is information that Usui did use some very gentle tissue manipulation in the application of Reiki at times. He mentions various so-called "non-traditional" uses - patting lightly, stroking gently, pushing/pressing, and the use of the  breath and the eyes [there is a history of this kind of manipulation in Tibetan massage and Taoist massage]. These uses are not employed in the United States by most Reiki practitioners, to avoid any similarity to massage. In fact, most Reiki practitioners in the United States are unaware of these additional Usui methods. In addition, massage in the West is used to relax muscles and to enhance flexibility. In the East, massage is used most often to mobilize and direct a better flow of Ch'i/Ki. This will present challenges to those Reiki practitioners who live in states which require certification, regulation, and/or tests to use massage.]

In keeping with my belief that Reiki is evolving, and should evolve, I will be considering ways in which I can enhance the ways in which I teach and practice Reiki. Of course, I will still be teaching Reiki in the traditional manner in my regular classes. I will also offer both traditional and advanced non-traditional Reiki sessions. In addition, I will try to develop classes which incorporate the anticipated changes in Reiki, including personal enhancement and meditative growth. The client can then choose which manner will be the most effective in which to experience and practice Reiki.

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I always appreciate it when people care to write to me and share their views and feelings. This is especially true regarding the future of Reiki. I welcome comments about what I have said, as well as suggestions as to the inclusions or exclusions of material in the evolution of Reiki. This might be about newer attunement procedures or it might be about the philosophical implications of the roots of Reiki.  Please feel free to push the button below to do so.