Reiki and One's Beliefs/Religion/Philosophy

There is a curious fact about the intellectual and philosophical development of a Reiki person. Often, though not inevitably, when a person is attuned to Reiki, there is a gradual sensitizing of their critical powers. This seems to take on the nature of an intense personal quest. Without it being taught in a Reiki class, or even mentioned, I have noticed that a new Reiki person seems to open up to new thoughts about the meaning of life and their role in it. However, Reiki does not teach a philosophy, much less any religious beliefs.

Students report later, after a class or session, that they have gone through a period of personal revaluation and assessment about what reality consists of, and the nature of their role in the universe. This "philosophical energizing" seems to happen to most Reiki students and practitioners, especially just after attunement to new levels of Reiki, but continuing throughout their Reiki experience. While no two students are alike, there does seem to be a common set of questions and reactions which are reported to me. Whatever their political orientation was before, there is a liberalizing of their views. New questions about cultural patterns and assumptions come up. these include, but are not limited to, issues of religion, customs, ethics, politics, sexuality, and paranormal experiences.

I urge all of my students and clients to remain open to whatever they experience and to study and evaluate these news thoughts very carefully. I tell them not be be afraid to question and to examine and study. Philosophical study and inquiry is never over; it continues for your entire life. As my father told me about such study and examination, "If there is nothing there, you can't find it!".  I try not to give any guidance in this, but instead try to answer all questions of fact honestly, and to help rephrase any questions so that what is being asked can provide answers. This is such a highly personal matter that I feel that my own views should be kept out of the picture, unless I am asked a very specific question about my own views which deserves a direct answer.  Such a personal quest must always be respected, and the questions which arise deserve careful attention.

[If your religion or philosophy seems to be in contradiction with Reiki, but you are still interested in learning about Reiki, please contact me about a no-obligation, free discussion of the pertinent issues.]