A Diet to prepare for a Reiki session or class

Although Reiki can be used after any form of diet, including the typical American diet, many recipients feel that a special preparation is beneficial. This usually can including a simple fast, but it seems prudent to avoid large quantities of food for three days next preceding a Reiki session or class. simple food, gently seasoned, emphasizing vegetables with "low-fat" dressings and "white meats" in limited amounts will suffice. A break in personal habits, such as smoking, "recreational drugs", and stopping the use of alcohol will help. Under no condition should the client or student stop or alter medically prescribed drugs or behaviors. A period of meditation on the same day or the preceding night will enhance the Reiki experience. The day of the Reiki class or session should start with a simple "low-fat" breakfast including fruit. While during a session or class, only water will be consumed. If a class spans the lunch period, only light foods will be provided, such as cheese and fruit.