My personal evaluations of Reiki results: [I intend to keep adding to this page as more occurs to me.]

It is inevitable that a Reiki practitioner will begin to notice patterns of response to Reiki sessions. If the practitioner is also a teacher, there will be patterns noticed about students and classes. These results are always highly subjective, but, when compared with the same subjective experience of others, trustworthy patterns do emerge.  I will try to give my perceptions about the nature of Reiki sessions and Reiki classes, as well as the use of various Reiki types, or schools.

When a person comes for Reiki for there first time, often there is considerable nervousness. Much of the time, the filling-out of the consent form will bring questions and more uncertainty. Generally this begins to dissipate as I start to put my hands on their head. By the time I have worked to their solar plexus, an almost total relaxation seems to happen.  Once I have moved to the hip area, this relaxation is complete. If there have been severe restrictions on touch, many times it is when I am in this area that a client may ask to lift certain restrictions, especially for that area. A sense of trust develops with the practitioner at the same time as a realization of what Reiki can do happens. Over time, this trust contributes to an increasing greater relaxation, and after several sessions, reports of life changes surface.

This process also happens in Reiki classes. In addition, there is a pleasant surprise as the student discovers that their hands can now transmit the Reiki energy. along with the curiosity about the process, the student is now able to look more closely at energy flow as they give and receive Reiki as part of the classroom instruction. At the start of a class, the student does not yet have even a common vocabulary about subtle energy with the teacher. as this vocabulary develops, along with an increasing ability to notice energy flows, the student gains confidence and is willing to try various approaches to giving energy. After several months, the teacher often gets a phone call in which the student relates how clients have responded to them.

In terms of the use of various types of Reiki - although most of my work is with Traditional Usui Reiki, I do, on occasion, use some other forms of Reiki which seem particularly appropriate for certain clients. [ It is like choosing a screwdriver - most of the time the basic one does everything and does it well, but once in a while it is much easier to use one which is designed for a particular type of job.] I will try to describe how I find certain types of Reiki work in those cases. I can say with confidence that the Traditional Usui Reiki, which is my first training and my first lineage, works well in most cases, probably in all cases. However, when I have used certain other forms of Reiki, I have been pleasantly surprised at how focused they are on certain specialized problems.

Karuna ReikiŽ and its related forms [Prema, Karuna Ki, Seichim, Tera MaiŽ] - these seem to be especially effective with calming the emotions and aiding introspection and philosophical growth.

Vajra ReikiŽ [gTumo Vajra, Raku KeiŽ] and related forms - these seem to work on immediate intense physical situations with significant pain. Also, this form seems to aid personal discovery in long term usage.

Magnussa Phoenix Reiki - this complex form seems to help with physical healing of chronic conditions and the need for physical change in habits

Dorje Reiki - this form [my own] seems to relax great anxieties and chronic pain, and permit the release of emotions and speech, as well as act as a tool for personal growth. It also seems to help a person with paranormal perceptions and difficulties with them.

Other forms of Reiki - I have used several other forms of Reiki. Certain clients seem to benefit from them, but only in a general way, unless they have a particular request for this kind of Reiki. Some clients have a special focus in trying to have Reiki assist them with their goals and development of their philosophy. I try to assist with Reiki as I can, in using that form of Reiki with which they are most comfortable.

Research - I always keep in mind that there may be newer uses of Reiki yet to be found. There may be newer hand positions, and/or better combinations of old ones. The nature of a Reiki session or class may need to be modified, including the preparation of the environment. To that end, I try to do research only with those regular clients and/or advanced students who have agreed to be part of such advanced study and research after a full discussion of the proposed changes and method(s) of experimentation.

To view the kinds of Reiki that I am attuned to, please see my attunements page and my energywork page.


Please note: These observations are in no way claims for medical or psychological efficacy. They are simply my perceptions over time of what seems to be happening during client sessions and during Reiki classes.

All that I can claim for Reiki is relaxation and the reduction of stress. When these happen, the medical community tells us that the person is in a much better state to allow the natural healing tendencies of mind and body to work more effectively.