What qualities I look for in a Reiki Master candidate:

When choosing a candidate to study at the Reiki Master level, there are several things that I look for. One surprising thing would be that I look for someone who is not motivated be the prospect of getting a lot of money for teaching Reiki. Also, I am not interested in the student who merely wants to "collect credentials".  What I look for is a serious student who feels pulled  to Reiki, sometimes, in spite of themselves, in spite of friends and relatives. This usually leads to a deep feeling of a need for more knowledge about Reiki, whether it is financially beneficial or not. This potential RM student will take all assignments given as a sort of starting point, then they will research more on their own. The student will have the capacity for sustained hard work and patience with the training. A major concern with potential financial gain after becoming an RM will be seen as a contraindication. In fact, the best candidate would learn Reiki and practice it without any compensation. However, it is not wrong to get compensated for one's time while providing or teaching Reiki.

In this age, when research can be done very effectively for facts on the web, learning more in a single evening than some students even fifty years ago could have found out in a year of book and interview research, there is no excuse for a student not being able to follow up on factual material and extend their knowledge as far as possible. I do insist that all of my RM students read everything on my website, including following up on whatever links are there, and whatever links are on that resource. this does not mean that I think that all sites provide totally accurate information, or that Reiki can be learned academically. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, such research does provide the student with a feeling for the current trends in Reiki and the variety of teaching styles which exist.

I look for a student who is extremely comfortable with touching and being touched. Reiki, after all, is a touch healing modality, and each Reiki Master should radiate a comfortableness with touch which others can sense. This also reflects a feeling of being at ease with the slightly altered state of consciousness which a Reiki Master will gradually feel changing during treatment and teaching/attuning.

Another quality that is essential is the ability to make others feel at ease. This must be coupled with an ease and confidence in communication, with the necessary clarity to produce well trained students.

A student with great patience is a great asset to the Reiki teaching community. Often the Master will have to work with challenging students and clients who are not familiar with Reiki, or who feel uncertain about it.

Obviously, I look for a student who has a history of healing others using Reiki, with adequate time spent with self-Reiki. Without this quality, the progress towards Master will be slowed and frustrated. This need for experience in healing is why so many possible RM candidates are not yet ready to continue on with Reiki. After all, As a Reiki II, a person has all of the attunements and training necessary to heal. What remains to learn is the manner in which to train and attune others, as well as some healing skills going past the normal ones.

Recently, I have adjusted my opinion about those students who definitely want to continue on to Master, but who have no real desire to teach. In the past, I generally felt that these students should not continue to Master. On reflection, I have changed my ideas on this matter. In the same way that some professors  are engaged in research and do not teach, and some doctors are engaged in research without having their own patients, I now feel that there is a place in the Reiki community for such Masters. It is legitimate for a student to want to have the training and attunements to Master as a process of their own growth and research. It is not necessary that they teach a lot, or at all. I do not agree with the school of thought that creates a "Reiki III" as a way of having the higher energy level, without the teaching credentials. It is also possible that such a student may come to feel a need to teach at a later date.

I also look for a student with "daring". This is the kind of daring that will permit them to expand their horizons beyond what is conventional and safe. They will feel more comfortable with the borders of current thought and with the uncertainty that such frontiers permit and encourage. The student will understand our culture well, as well as being able to stand somewhat apart from it. I want the students to know why being a Reiki Master is not an end, but the beginning of a process of knowing and teaching, each year expanding the limits of their knowledge and the teaching skills which they are developing. These qualities are rarely available in the younger student, although not impossible.