Services which I offer:

As a Reiki Master, I provide both Reiki sessions and Reiki instruction in Traditional Usui Reiki. Usually these services are provided at my home during the evening or on weekends. I prefer to teach one person at a time, however, I am open to other ideas.

In addition, I provide Non-Traditional Reiki services for certain difficult subtle energy problems, both personal and situational.

I provide advice and assistance to other Reiki practitioners, especially to other Reiki Masters, on their own practices and experiences.

I also provide services using Reiki combined with other modalities for spiritual growth. This is a physically guided meditation process. The form of Reiki used is a combination of Reiki techniques and material from various energywork traditions, including various schools of Reiki. A full discussion of goals,  personal preparation, Reiki hand positions, and Reiki styles is necessary before such work is undertaken.

As a Rostered Psychotherapist, I provide limited counseling services at my home. Because I am fully employed during the day at my primary job, these appointments must be in the evening and on weekends.

{These services are not available to my high school students.}