Spiritual Matters

A composite of the definitions of "spiritual", [from the Latin - "spiritus" - of, relating to breathing or wind], includes concepts about spirits, sacred matters, religious values and perceptions, supernatural beings or phenomena, mystical awareness, and perceptions having to do with transpersonal and extrapersonal energies as they interact with intrapersonal energies and interpersonal energies.

For me, spiritual matters can include religion, but need not do so. I include everything from dowsing and ESP, the seeing and/or perception of auras and energy fields, including healing, Reiki and other energy work, the perception of interconnection with others, to the direct, immanent, mystical, perception of the Universal, which some call God.

The word "spiritual" is used in contrast with popular conceptions of body and mind and of everyday matters. It is seen to be other-worldly, avoiding the daily and the commonplace. This is actually inaccurate, since to a person with a genuine interest in spiritual matters, the spiritual is constantly involved with body, mind and everyday matters. It is special because it is commonplace, but usually ignored. Spiritual awareness is that awareness which perceives the spiritual in the everyday matters. Spiritual development is that human process and personal work which allows one to increase one's awarenesses and spiritual capabilities.