T'ai Ch'i Symbol

The T'ai Ch'i symbol is an ancient Chinese depiction of the nature of the Universe. The Yin/Yang symbol depicts Yang - expansive, hot, male, light, with Yin - contractive, cold, female, dark. Each part of the symbol has a part of the other color, showing that nothing is entirely Yin or Yang. There are many more descriptions of the qualities embodied in Yin and Yang, as well as organs of the body, days, weeks, months, seasons, colors, emotions, sounds, tastes and processes which can be classified in this manner. This symbol is usually associated with Taoism, but has come to be a worldwide expression of the balance of life in nature. There are parallel concepts in other traditions, i.e. Yab/Yum, God/Goddess,  Male/female balance, Shiva/Shakti, Great Spirit/Mother Earth, and so on.