Things I Am Trying To Find - Based on the Goodness of Others - An Experiment in Generosity

Either Free or Very Inexpensive

  • A Double French Horn, F/Bb, full double, with case and mouthpieces [Kruspe wrap, large bell, in yellow brass preferred {silver brass OK, Geyer wrap OK}], rotary string-operated valves, in reasonable playing condition, standard bell or removable bell]. By trying my daughter's good double horn, I have discovered how much I need one. I now play a Yamaha single F horn (yellow brass) - it's old, slow, dented, and limits very much what I can do. However, I want to find an instrument that sounds and plays hopefully much better. I am currently playing in three musical organizations. [as a 4th/Utility Horn in 2, and 1st Horn in one]
  • I would also like to experiment with mouthpieces, but I do not have the budget with which to do it. [Now I use a Conn 2] Any gifts of standard French Horn mouthpieces would be appreciated, especially "Denis Wick 4N", "Farkas Model", "Benge H-2","Holton MDC", "Bach 7", any Stork, or Giardinelli, mouthpieces.
  • I also would like to find a French Horn mute, non-transposing, also, a K&M music stand with case, stand light, and electronic tuner.

[So far, I have met most of my needs through this page! I am very grateful to all of those who have helped me.]

My concept of Very Inexpensive is based on the kind of bargains I find routinely at Vermont tag/yard/garage sales [when I can find them - it's a small area in a small state!]. This cost is probably much lower than anyone would like to get for something which they are trying to make money on. All I can promise is that I will use the above item(s) with great care; they are all needed very much and without finding bargains and human generosity, I doubt that I will ever afford them. This is an "experiment " with generosity over the Web.

Please email with details, and I will send you my snail mail address.

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