Time that must lapse between Reiki attunements:

Every Reiki teacher faces the question from the excited student - "When can I get my next attunement?" Apart from the fact that, having just received an attunement, the student is excited and would continue that day with another attunement, there are very real considerations for the teacher. There is a traditional clearing time, often said to be 21 days, 3 for each chakra. This is minimal. Traditionally, the time between Reiki I and Reiki II is three months at the very least. To go on to Reiki Master used to be measured in years, usually 3 to 5 years. More recently, that time delay has been seen as minimally a year.

I have watched Reiki students progress for some time. They vary a great deal in their ability to learn and to process the energy. Some go on to give daily sessions to many different people. Others do a bit of self-Reiki and give some to their family for a while. There is an obvious experiential difference between the two type of students described. One might be ready to move on literally years before the other one. I cannot prescribe a fixed time for every student. It will depend on their life and experiences with Reiki.

The way that I look at the matter is to consider the student's prior energywork or bodywork, if any, and to look at their ability to master new information, their commitment to healing, and the way in which they processed their prior attunement(s). When I do this, in spite of the traditional way of looking at the matter, I find certain students completely ready to continue on to their next Reiki attunement. Other students may never be ready, or it may be a matter of many months or years. I am not selling a product; I am passing on a subtle energy healing tradition, an art form in many senses of the word. Especially at the Reiki Master level, I look for certain qualities which must be there before I will accept a student at that level. A point is also to be made about even the student considering their first attunement to Reiki I. They, too, must be at a point where this is appropriate. This choice of this time must be based solely on the needs of the student, not on the convenience or financial desires of the teacher. The RM  must also be willing and able to occasionally refuse a student for training or advancement, if this is the only way to handle the situation.

In short, every student has the right moment to begin and to continue Reiki. The RM must be willing to consider each student uniquely in order to be true to the tradition of healing which Reiki creates. Every Reiki student or prospective Reiki student should discuss this subject completely with their Reiki Master.