"As a child, your mother and father held you close, stroked your hair, caressed you. With the one you have loved,
you repeated these touches and watched time dissolve. To know that feeling, to understand it, to allow it, is to find joy;
to share it is to know love.

Touching, simply and honestly, becomes a gift which speaks no word yet communicates a universal language to which
no one is immune.

By touching, caressing, massaging another, life energy interchanges and both enter a dimension of inner space, a silent dance of meditation.

To relax the body and soothe the mind are the goals of massage; to uplift the soul is its ideal. To build, to grow,
to expand the universe is our obligation; to reach out to another, our salvation."

Author Unknown

A comment by Lawton R. Smith - Although Reiki is not massage in any sense of the word. Reiki does participate in the realm of caring touch as described above. The use of touch to relax, reassure, show deep caring, and to heal by energy transfer is such a wonderful ability which we all have, yet treated with the deepest suspicions of impropriety. We do not stop to consider why touch is so threatening, or why we understand such touch to be a violation of propriety. We do not consider the results, only our fears. This should say something about the power of touch and our cultural "hang-ups". In fact, because of our cultural inhibitions and distrust, many, if not most, people are "touch-deprived" to some degree. Each of us needs some caring touch each day. If it is just caring touch, it is still good. If the touch is skilled in a modality such as Reiki, then the result is even better.