Why I am a Reiki Master

Many people who know me in in a school or community context have asked me why I am a Reiki Master teacher/practitioner. The question usually goes this way: "Why on earth did you choose to learn Reiki when you are normally so mature, rational and reasonable? [Reiki being seen as about the most "far-out" and non-logical that one can get.] There is a principle in physics that whatever cannot be shown to be impossible is possible. I have been intrigued for years that many famous, and not so famous, people have become interested in the paranormal in their later years. The list includes Freud, Jung, Einstein, and many scientists, including a recent astronaut.

I have been interested in the paranormal since college, as well as some curiosity about healing. Especially in recent years, my interest has turned to these healing phenomena, many of which take many years to master. Recent developments in quantum physics seem to be in keeping with traditional healing energies, as well as studies of prayer at a distance, hands-on [or over] healing, and the "power of placebos". I have discovered along the way that many of these are not "paranormal", but quite normal, with the exception that little is known about their nature, and that many people have tried to avoid considering them. Western science is very good about what it has chosen to study, and very limited about what it has not yet chosen to study. New possibilities are often dismissed as "just" "that nonsense!" , without developing the scientific tools necessary to adequately study things which do not easily fit our current science. Much of what I am interested in requires a new way of looking at things that we call "subjective" and finding ways to study them systematically. Even quantum physics has recognized that the mind set of the observed often affects the outcome of experiments. What is "subjective" is often the best that we can get as objective scientific information.

My father once said that one should never be afraid to follow any idea or concept as far as it will take one. He said: " If there is nothing to it, you won't find anything". I am in the process of discovering this energy delivery system known as Reiki. So far, I have found a great deal. I invite others to the same search.