For Those who are hesitant about having a Reiki session:

From time to time, people contact me about Reiki sessions and why they might benefit from having a session. It may be that the person is hesitant and just wants to be convinced. It may be that the expense does not seem justified, considering the possible benefits which the person anticipates. It may be that the person has serious problems with touch, either through their assumptions about culture and touch, or because they have had a problem with others with touch which has left them hesitant, even fearful. Perhaps the issue of touch brings to mind a conflict with their personal values or religion. In all of this, the person may sense that, despite their hesitancy, the route to a greater comfort with touch is through a modality such as Reiki.

For each type of person, the solution to the hesitancy is through an in-depth discussion with the Reiki practitioner. Often this takes the form of a phone call, which allows communication as well as a feeling of security for the prospective client. After all, Reiki is provided in a session when only the practitioner and client are present. This requires trust and information about the session. Anything done or said during a Reiki session is considered privileged, and will remain confidential.

A Reiki session is a quiet time to experience healing touch in a private space. All hand positions will be explained to the client before the session starts. Generally, the client will be asked to affirm in writing their choices for Reiki touch and the conduct of the session before the session starts. This protects both the client and the practitioner. All questions are asked before the session begins, and the session my be changed in any way by the client after it begins, at any time.  After all, Reiki is a subtle energy experience which can provide profound relaxation and the reduction of stress. This requires an initial feeling that going to a Reiki session will be productive in that manner, in a secure environment..

Sometimes, a client may feel the need for touch through Reiki, but feels embarrassed to ask, or feels that they should restrict touch, lest they be seen as improper. There are often comparisons with massage and whether Reiki is given the same way. Sometimes a client will be afraid that they will be emotionally or physically moved by being touched, hence embarrassed. These reactions are very common, and certainly need answers. All such matters should be discussed fully with the practitioner, until the prospective client is confident that Reiki is what they want to experience. Sometimes a client will have a specific need, perceived to be in only one part of the body. Often, it will be necessary to provide Reiki to the entire body, since many localized subtle energy needs for relaxation stem from original subtle energy needs in other parts of the body. If I can be of assistance in answering such questions, I am willing to help, without cost or obligation..