On the nature and origin of energywork terminology:

Many people will ask me why I use "exotic" words to refer to energywork and various kinds of energy. The fact is, every discipline, whether traditional mainstream science or Eastern and Western energywork have there own vocabulary. This is as it should be. Much of the Western scientific vocabulary has reached the general public. even then, there are words describing parts of quantum physics which are unknown by the public. subatomic particles can have the qualities of spin, charge, magnetic moment, strangeness, color, and charm. The medical community adds new words to describe symptoms, syndromes, and diseases almost on a monthly basis. Sociologists speak of anomie, weltanschauung, and psychologists of gestalt, ego, id, and superego. I could mention the news media, the advertising world, education, politics, and the legal profession as sources of new words for specific technical items or practices.

All of these words add a precision to the discipline from which they come and a richness to our language. It enables one to speak of complex concepts with a minimum of words, transmitting a maximum of exact meaning. English is especially rich in these words, thanks in large measure to the scientific community. Often, new words are created when the user finds that there is misunderstanding with existing words, or that it takes a paragraph to explain the concept. A "shorthand" develops, followed by new words.

When one considers energywork, most of which has its roots in many different countries and cultures, it is not surprising that there are "loan words", words which are very exact for phenomena for which our language does not yet have specific words. Such words include [but are not limited to] words like ki, ch'i, chakra, aura, etheric, astral, mental, and intuitive layers, clearing, discarnate entity, tsal, shoug, abhiseka, wong, satori, nirvana, kundalini, exoteric, esoteric, tantra, yantra, mandala, tumo, attunement and the like.

I invite the reader to "Google", or "Wiki" these words to better understand the issues I raise in my Reiki pages. For significant words on this site, I will try to provide definitions, since I try to use these words in their exact sense, not in the popular sense. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.