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Scott's Flyfishing Page

This is where you'll find odds and ends related to my fly fishing obsession. Hope you enjoy.

  • Notes from the Canyon. Some of my first attempts at writing fishing reports for the old VFS Northwest board.
  • An Evening with Roza. A silly effort to "spice up" one of my fishing reports, inspired by the lurid romance novels my wife loves to read so much.
    After reading this, my wife's not so sure she likes the idea of me fishing by myself.
  • Fly Fisherman's Fish Length Calculator Fish length, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Postcards from Slovenia. in Ocotber 2002, I was fortunate enough to take a business trip to Maribor, Slovenia. I took a day of personal time to fly fish in the Slovenian countryside. I decided to write my fishing report in the form of a series of "postcards" from that beautiful country, addressed to my good friend Vern (yes, there really is a Vern).
  • The Scientific Method. Ramblings about fishing and science.
  • The Toughest Catch of All.If you have a significant other who doesn't fish, you will probably appreciate this true story...
  • The Big One that Got Away. Who knows what lurks below the surface?
  • What Kind of Flies Can I Tie with Crow Feathers?. Anyone who has spent any time in an online community, has probably quit (or considered quitting) at one time or another. I did. Then I came back. We all come back.
  • Fishing in the Fall. Fishing in the fall is always bittersweet. But that means that it's at least a little sweet...
  • Photo Gallery. Miscellaneous fishing and fish-related pictures.
  • Fish People. Friends and family I've fished with.
  • DrFlyGuy Collector's Card A while back on Westfly, some of us shared our superhero heritage. Here's my collector card for DryFlyGuy.
  • Instant Gratification Fly Swap Usually, fly swaps are long, drawn-out affairs. We decided to run one on Westfly that would take just 15 days from start to finish.

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