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Most Americans are aware of the horrible unfair distribution of wealth that exists in this country. But there is a even a greater threat to social justice than these "winners in life's lottery." This threat is the unfair distribution of leisure time.

What is the Unfair Distribution of Leisure?

The unfair distribution of leisure is the unjust way that leisure time is distributed among the American people. At the same time we have people putting in 50, 60, 70, or even more hours a week, we large segment of the population just putting in the minimum to get by -- 40 hours per week. Even worse, there are large groups of people who even work LESS than 40 hours/week, some not even working at all!

Why is the Unfair Distribution of Leisure worse than unfair distribution of wealth?

The amount of wealth one can accumulate is infinite in a free economy. The amount of time everyone has is the same: 24 hours per day.
One can maintain a healthy lifestyle on a modest income. Work is often stressful, and those who work long hours are almost always subjected to more stress.
Workers are taxed on their wealth The indolent are not taxed on their sloth.
Little effect on consumption of leisure facilities Those with an abundance of leisure time tend to consume more than their fair share of leisure facilities such as recreational facilities, movie theatres, and restaurants. Ironically, this often prevents those with less leisure time -- and who need it most -- from using leisure facilities.
While those who have an abundance of wealth can make contributions to lobbying groups and political candidate, there are regulations that restrict this ability. Those with little free-time have little ability to participate in demonstrations and activism, while those with a lot of free-time have no restrictions upon the amount these activities in which they can participate.

What can be done about it?

Contact your representatives in Washington at 202-255-3121. If you don't know who your representatives are, you can look them up at

Demand that something be done to help those who have come up short in life's leisure lottery. Suggest that those with an abundance of leisure activities be required to perform more useful work, perhaps even performing menial chores for those with limited leisure time.

Remember, the leisure time you save may be your own!

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