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The America We Lost
Italian immigrant Mario Pei observes the liberties Americans casheried in the first half of the 20th century.
Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Liberals
The Mad Prophet gets taken to school by the "liberals."
A Future That Should Have Been Ours
John Sparks considers the historical cost of not choosing freedom.
I, Pencil
The classic Leonard Reed monograph on the mircale of the market place.
I Remember Hitler
A poignant letter address to Hilary Clinton that was published by the Washington Times.
I was a Vicitim of Union Violence
The conventional wisdom is that unions have been of great benefit to workers. Bill Hinote shows that this isn't always the case.
The Invisible Gun
The vast majority of Americans refuse to consider that each and every law is ultimately backed up with deadly force. Stuark K. Hayashi describes the political phenomenon of "the Invisible Gun".
Isaiah's Job
The classic essay by Albert Jay Nock.
It's Time to Decide
A challenge to those who love security more than liberty.
The Pledge versus the Oath
Many cannot count how many times they have recited this oath since their youth. Jim Peron explains why you ought to reconsider this practice.
Reply to Timothy Sandefur
Mad Prophet replies to Liberty author Timothy Sandefur regarding the "counter-pro-war libertarian" quiz.
Unfair Distribution of Leisure
A parody of the handwringing over the so-called unfair distribution of wealth in free-market societies.