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I am concerned at the lack of critical thought exhibited by the majority of my fellow Americans. As long as the Dow Jones is above 10,000 and there's something good on TV, nobody notices that our freedoms are slowly melting away. When I try to convince people that America is rapidly becoming a police state (if it isn't one already), people treat me like I am a deranged nut. While I'll be the first to admit I'm a bit daft, that in no way invalidates my conclusion. When I look at the daily newspaper, I can find at least five articles that describe legislation that will make Americans less free. I'm hard pressed to find one piece of good news each fortnight. Perhaps you are confusing a long drought in the good news department for dementia. Prove me wrong by sending me one pro-freedom article a week.

Then I get those who tell me that if I don't like it here in America, I should get the hell out. Excuse me? Why should I get out? I swore an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States, and put my butt on the line as a combat arms officer in the US Army, which is more than a lot of these closet fascists and Supporters of Bill (SOBs) can say. The only thing I'm asking is for the federal government to obey the Constitution as it is written. What is so outlandish about that? I have a better idea. Why don't you folks who think that government should control the schools, medicine, the economy, retirement programs, who can put what into whose body, and the purchase of firearms to get the hell out? If you ever actually took the time to read past the general welfare clause of the preamble of the Constitution, you'd see that the federal government is expressly forbidden to do such things. But we play a stupid and dangerous game of trading freedom for security in the so called land of the free and home of the brave.

Where should you go? Throw a dart at the map. If the dart didn't land in the ocean, it landed where some government that will do these things for you. You can have the compassionate socialism of Scandinavia, or you hard-liners can get a craw full of government programs in North Korea and Cuba. You theocrats can have a good old time in Iran, Afghanistan, or Algeria. If you like your morals without the religious overtones, there's always Singapore.

For those of you who elect to stay, the time will come soon for you to decide which side you're on. You need to decide if you favor individualism or collectivism. I'll have to warn you, individualism is getting a bad reputation these days thanks to the government and the courtesan press. But if you are still in favor of it, my hat's off to you.

If you are on the side of collectivism (a.k.a. egalitarianism / social justice / socialism / Clintonism / totalitarianism / Dominant Culture / Soccer Momism / ignorant buffoonery), then at least be decent enough to show where you stand. Instead of secretly voting to deprive your neighbors of freedom, why don't you lead by example? For example, you could put this sign in front of your house:

Order a Gun Free Home Kit

Or why don't you sign the below letter, have it notarized, and sent to me at:

Minnesota Center for Individual Liberty
P.O. Box 32170
Minneapolis, MN 55432-0170

To sweeten the pot, I will reimburse the notary fee (up to $5.00) on the first 10 intact, signed, and bonafide (send a photocopy of your driver's license and Social Security Card) letters I receive.

The President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500-0003

Congress of the United States
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Mr. President, members of Congress, and other assorted civil servants:

I see the Constitution of the United States to be an impedance to enacting meaningful social reform. Too many people put stock in the words of a bunch of dead rich white guys. In order to combat this misguided worship of outdated ideas, I will do what many political activists are hesitant to do -- lead by example.

In order to enact social justice, I will do my small part to free the government from the Constitutional straightjacket that prevents intelligent leaders from making common sense reforms to American society. To this end, I renounce the privileges recognized in the Constitution as the "Bill of Rights".

I hereby proclaim:

I. Since dangerous ideas, including bizarre religions, are being transmitted at lightning speed through the Internet, I hereby vow to support any and all actions taken by the government to censor any ideas or any technology it deems harmful. I also promise to support any actions any government agency may use to disperse assemblies, since this is more often than not cover for racist militias. Furthermore, I support any actions the government may undertake to suppress dissent against legitimate government activities, even if they masquerade under the lofty euphemism of "petitioning of grievances." Such dissent prevents the government from operating smoothly and efficiently.

II. I recognize that the sole reason for the existence of the Second Amendment is to provide for the arming of the National Guard. Private citizens should be forbidden to use any sort of weapon, including fist and foot. To that end, I vow never to use any form of weapon, even in defense of my life or the lives of others. I fully understand that this document may be used against me in a court of law, this will strengthen my resolve to not to ever use a weapon in any circumstance.

III. Budget cutbacks are harming our military's ability to do good works around the world. I volunteer to quarter troops at my residence to defray the cost of these military operations.

IV. To combat crime, especially drug crime, I hereby waive my Fourth Amendment Rights. I will provide my local police with a key to my residence and automobile, and a written letter permitting them to search my possessions whenever they wish. I will also instruct any financial institutions with which I conduct business to provide any interested government agencies a quarterly report of my financial dealings. And if possible, I would like to volunteer for the home monitoring system.

V. Police and grand juries only charge guilty parties. Trials only allow the guilty to escape on technicalities. To take the high ground, I hereby waive my right to trial.

VI. Given the damage that is occurring to our sacred natural habitats, I consent to allow the government free usage of any property it requires to perform its legitimate duties to protect the environment.

VII. President Bill Clinton was correct about it being dangerous for people to have too much freedom. To that end, I agree to only those rights that the government says I'm allowed to have.

VIII. Since the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments are inconsistent with the laudable goal of requiring public service of our young people, I will set an example by renouncing the rights recognized under these Constitutional Amendments.


Signed Name

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Social Security Number

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Zip Code



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Attention Notary: Please verify signer's name, address, and SSN.





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