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Another Bogus Poll

I got another one of those solicitations for money from the Republicans disguised as a poll. I suspect they cash the check and ignore what you've written, just like they ignore the Constitution once they're safely in office. I didn't send them any money, but I did cram the business reply letter full of helpful hints on how to follow the Constitution.

Republican National Committee
Victory 2000

Issue Survey Reply

Note: The survey did not allow any room for meaningful input. I elected to answer your questions on a separate piece of paper and use the original survey for target practice.

General Questions

Question #1: Should Republicans work to defeat the liberal Clinton/Gore Democrat Agenda at all levels of Government?

Yes. Permit me this opportunity to remind the Republicans that they are supposed to be nearly diametrically different than the Democrats, not just funding their pet wealth distribution programs at only 90% of what the Democrats propose.

Question #2: Do you support the broad goals of the Republican Party including lower taxes, reduced government interference and bureaucracy and a strong national defense?

I support those goals. Unfortunately the Republicans haven't shown any substantive action towards achieving those goals.

Question #3: Of the following issues, which do you think is the most important issue facing our nation at this time? (please check only one answer)

Bill of Rights enforcement with severe criminal penalties for any government official found violating these rights. If this were to be done:

Economic Issues and Taxes

Question #4: In general, what should be done with federal budget surpluses?

There aren't any surpluses. It's a lie which Clinton started and which Republicans are helping to perpetuate. The federal government has over $17 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Give the money back. Social Security is a fraud and needs to be eliminated within the next five years for the Federal government to not default on the bonds it issued. $200+ billion a year is plenty to fund a military whose sole mission is defending the US. Health care would be improved immediately if every HHS and FDA employee were given pink slips tomorrow and private citizens were given the tax break corporations were given for health insurance.

I'm all for repaying the national debt. I'm not in favor of using my money to do it. I didn't run up a $6 trillion debt. Track down those people who spent the money and have them pay it back. It might be helpful to use a tool that is being used in the "war on drugs": asset forfeiture. If it's legitimate to seize all someone's property to prosecute an unconstitutional war on the American people, it's certainly legitimate to use on those who squandered taxpayer money on things not authorized under Article I, Section 8.

Question #5: Should our federal taxes be cut? Yes.

Question #6: Should our tax system penalize couples because they are married?

Our tax system ought not to penalize anybody.

Question #7: Should the inheritance or "death tax" be abolished?

It depends. The answer would be no unless you're interested in pursuing the planks of The Communist Manifesto.

Question #8: Should schools and libraries that receive federal funding be required to have appropriate safeguards so children do not have access to unsuitable Internet material?

Federal funds should not be going to schools and libraries in the first place.

Question #9: Should China be denied Most Favored Nation trading status?

Government should not be involved with restricting trade.

Government Reform

Question #10: Should the Welfare Reform program which the Republicans passed three years ago be continued?

No. Welfare isn't permitted under the Constitution, therefore it should be eliminated.

Question #11: Would you support efforts to stop illegal immigration?

If we weren't handing out welfare benefits, it stands to reason that the only people coming to the US would be those interested in working.

Question #12: Should Republicans push for tort reform to cut back on frivolous lawsuits by the Trial Lawyers?

Yes. Maybe a good reform would be removing the conflict of interest in permitting lawyers to hold positions as lawmakers.

Question #13: Do you believe that we need to reform the Campaign Finance laws?

No. Those who are giving money to politicians are doing so for a reason. Most often they are expecting something in return. Some want some form of privilege from the government.

Others do so they won't get shaken down in a fashion reminiscent of a Mafia protection racket. If the Constitution were followed, the problem would correct itself, since no one would be giving money to politicians for privileges or protection.

Abortion and Family Values

Question #14: Should the procedure known as partial birth abortion be banned?

This is murder and state government ought to treat it as such. Stop wasting time dealing with this on a federal level.


Question #15: Should parents have more control of their children's education?

Parents should have total control of their children's education, including paying for it.

Question #16: Do you support the use of school vouchers to give parents more choice in their children's education?

See question #15.

Social Security and Health Care

Question #17: Do you support passage of the Republican Social Security Lock Box bill (HR 1259) which will stop Bill Clinton and the federal government from raiding the Social Security Trust Fund once and for all?

No, because there isn't a "trust fund". Social Security is actuarially bankrupt, which is the inevitable fate of all Ponzi schemes. The entire premise of Social Security is immoral. If a private citizen ran such a system they would likely wind up in prison. Charles Ponzi did. You may also find it amusing that after Ponzi was released from prison, he went to go work as Mussolini's finance minister.

Equally amusing is that our national pay-as-you-go national retirement system was originally pioneered by German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck as a means of fleecing the German populace. The retirement age was set at 65, which is coincidentally the original retirement age of our system. But in 19th century Germany, the life expectancy was less than 65 years. But this fraud backfired when Americans started living longer. Now this fraud will probably be the thing that future historians point to when they discuss the demise of the American Republic in the early 21st century.

Question #18: Should the Clinton/Gore tax hike on Social Security be rolled back?

Yes. And while you're at it, roll back the other federal taxes too. Roll them back to 1912 levels.

Question #19: Should any reform of Social Security include the establishment of personal retirement accounts.

The reform of Social Security ought to be handing out a bunch of pink slips over at the Social Security Administration, calling a real estate agent to sell the buildings that housed them, and telling anyone interested in having retirement funds to start saving and investing their money.

Question #20: Should Medicare be reformed so that it is financially sound and can offer seniors access to health plans that have important benefits like prescription drugs?

Reform Medicare by handing out a bunch of pink slips...

Foreign Affairs and National Defense

Question #21: Should American troops be prohibited from fighting under UN command?

The United States shouldn't be participating in the UN in the first place, much less supplying American troops to it. Our military would be in better shape if we weren't participating in UN orchestrated snipe hunts.

Question #22: Should we spend more of our budget surplus to shore up our national defense by upgrading our weapons systems and increasing compensation for American who were in our armed forces.

See question #21

Question #23: Should President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative to protect America from nuclear attack be built?

If it works, then yes.

RNC Victory 2000

Question #24: Will you support the work for RNC-Victory 2000 to defeat the Clinton/Gore Agenda and build the Republican Party by making a contribution?


Question #25: Will you make a contribution of :


[ ] I am sorry I cannot participate at this time but I am enclosing $9 to help defray the costs of tabulating my survey questions.

Give me a break. You got my name from a mailing list and you put together some bogus poll to fool someone into thinking that they had some input into Republican Party policy. Instead, you'll probably ignore the results and use the money to fund the campaign of a Republican candidate who only gives lip service to the Bill of Rights at election time.

And if you are paying attention to the results of this poll, one has to wonder about the core principles of the Republican Party. The Clinton Administration has been repeatedly excoriated for governing by poll, and now the Republicans appear to be following suit. Instead of sticking to the Constitution as each member of Congress and the President swears to do, you pass out some poll in an attempt to provide political cover for the betrayal of the Constitution.

Nine dollars to tabulate this thing? And nine dollars merely "defrays the costs?" No wonder the federal debt still increased under a Republican-controlled Congress.

I'll tell you what. To help you out I'll process these things for only $8.00 per returned survey. For that amount, I'll provide you with a spreadsheet containing each response, the demographic information furnished by each respondent, and any credit card billing information for those making contributions.



Mad Prophet

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