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Electoral Politics


Another Bogus GOP Poll
Is it a poll or a fund raising letter?
The Biggest Con
David Neilson explains why democracy is the biggest con.
Blinded by Dumbo
Doug Newman asks if we really are better that Bush won the 2000 election.
Complainging about Voting
The old saying is "If you don't vote, you can't complain." Well, I have a complaint about voting and those claiming that voting is the same thing as freedom.
The Curious Republic of Gondour
Mark Twain's tale of visiting a land where voting was handled more sensibly.
Does God Want Bush Re-Elected?
Doug Newman observes that those who think that Dubya is God's choice in the next election may be engaging in blasphemy. I personally think that a lot of Bushies are following in the path of the Democrats in worshipping the false god of the state. What's the going penance for breaking the First Commandment?
Freedom and Majority Rule
Reverend Edmund A. Opitz explains that majority rule is something entirely different than freedom.
Interview with Hitler
A fictional interview with Adolf Hitler illustrating how Hitler would be at home in both major US political parties.
Regardless of Choice, Vote!
FEE Founder Leonard E. Read makes the moral point for not voting.
Why in the Hell Should I Continue to Vote for Republicans?
A unanswered letter to the Republican Party asking why I should vote for the lesser evil.